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Office Phone: (262) 786-7051
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Lake Country Campus

Sylvia Jeronimo

Associate Campus Pastor | Leadership Development Directoroffice: 262.367.8422EMAIL

Roberta Julke

Central Support Services Coordinatoroffice: 262.796.5734EMAIL

Curt Coffield

Campus Worship Coordinatoroffice: 262.796.5751 x238EMAIL

Larry Brabazon

Facilities Specialistoffice: 262.796.5751 x252EMAIL

Wende Fryk

Events Specialistoffice: 262.796.5751EMAIL

Silas VanEerden

Production & Administrative Specialistoffice: 262.796.5751 x346EMAIL

Jason Barwick

Student Ministry Campus Coordinatoroffice: 262.796.5751 x370EMAIL

Keri Dudek

Campus Kids Coordinatoroffice: 262.796.5751 x247EMAIL

Executive Team

Jason Webb

Senior Pastoroffice: 262.786.7051EMAIL

Laurie McIntyre

Executive Pastor of Creative Artsoffice: 262.786.7051 x735EMAIL

Steve Sonderman

Executive Pastor of Ministriesoffice: 262.367.8422EMAIL

Albo Esilaba

Executive Pastor of Mission & Multi-siteoffice: 262.786.7051 x353EMAIL

Mark Heckman

Executive Director of Central Support Servicesoffice: 262.786.7051 x827EMAIL

Sarah Slagter

Executive Assistantoffice: 262.780.1846EMAIL