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Family Meeting Recap & Resources

This past week the Council of Elders held two Family Meetings, on Wednesday at the Brookfield campus and on Thursday at the Lake Country campus. We answered some of your most frequently asked questions, prayed together as a church family, and got to hear from Lee Heyward about his heart for Elmbrook Church. In case you were unable to attend, we've posted Lee's message from Wednesday night below. You'll also find links to several messages given by Lee when he spoke at Elmbrook a few years...

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Weekend Interview with Lee Heyward

December 2, 2018 in Church News, Staffing, Video

Lee Heyward, named Lead Pastor of Elmbrook Church by the Council of Elders, was interviewed during services by elders Jeff Schultz and Lynn Hawkins. Watch the video interview here:

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Fasting, Homecoming & Christmas | Nov. 1, 2018

November 1, 2018 in Church News, Council of Elders, Video, Email

[All Church Email sent Nov. 1, 2018. To receive these via email, go to elmbrook.org/emails and choose "All Church Emails".] A preview of weekend services Nov. 3 & 4, information on the Day of Prayer & Fasting Nov. 2, and an elder video update (below). To read the complete email, click HERE. Elder Update 111011  

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