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Not the End of the Road... Just a 90-Degree Turn

September 25, 2015 by Jeanine Bly in Life Change
Tags: adult children, divorce, journey
Not the End of the Road... Just a 90-Degree Turn

Not the End of the Road... Just a 90-Degree Turn  by Jeanine Bly   Although I am a writer, when it comes to being published, I am far more comfortable as an editor and reviewer. I feel blessed reading and preparing other people’s stories and experiences for publication, for readers to be touched and impacted by. Certainly, my own story would not be as interesting, or impactful, or able to be used by God to bless other women as other people’s stories do. My journey...

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Katrina: A Look Back

Katrina: A Look Back by Pam Knoll   This month marks the 10-year anniversary of Elmbrook Church sending its first Disaster Response team. While this may be an old story to some, Katrina's impact launched disaster relief at Elmbrook Church and serves as a good reminder of what it means to BE the church. In September 2005, 20 people under the leadership of Mary Ann Lee traveled to Pine, LA to assist in Katrina efforts. Two and a half weeks later, another team led by Pam Knoll...

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Our Trust, God's Provision

August 27, 2015 by Margeaux Chudy in Finances
Tags: finance, provision, reliance, trust
Our Trust, God

Our Trust, God's Provision by Margeaux Chudy   This Mother’s Day at Elmbrook we watched a beautiful video about Deb DeMaster’s family and her son Andrew. Andrew wasn’t expected to live at birth but by God’s power has experienced many miracles and now he’s a happy, healthy young man. The video was just the beginning of the DeMasters’ testimony, however. God has worked in extraordinary, personal ways in their lives and this is a further story...

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