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One Way to Love a Stranger

November 17, 2015 by Heather Webb in Serving
Tags: mission, safe families, serving
One Way to Love a Stranger

Safe Families for Children is an easy but radical way for people of faith to change the lives of families living in desperate situations in our own city. How? By practicing biblical hospitality, the love of strangers.

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I've Learned to Trust in Him: Lora's Story

November 11, 2015 by Ann Blackburn in Finances
Tags: finances, generosity, give, giving, money

I've Learned to Trust in Him: Lora's Story by Ann Blackburn   Lora came to Elmbrook’s budget coaching ministry in 2010. Her husband, who had handled all of their financial matters including paying all the bills, had passed away a few years earlier leaving Lora alone to face a frightening new world of budgeting, paying bills, and tough financial decisions. “I was quite nervous at that time about my financial security," she said. Lora was living on her husband’s...

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