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Accepted, Loved, and Known - Elisabeth's Story

Accepted, Loved, and Known - Elisabeth

Since Christ grabbed hold of my heart, I’ve found that there’s so much freedom in sharing even the most intimate parts of my life with family, friends, or even complete strangers! God has intentionally crafted each one of our stories with detail, color and precision, and I believe that even the setbacks and hardships in my life can be used for His glory. There is power in someone’s testimony because no one can deny what Christ has done in your life. My story is centered...

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Inviting God into the Huddle - Peter's Story

In a world where we sometimes question the hearts and minds of our young people, we can’t help but delight in the discovery of those young hearts that beat with God and for God. Here, under the bright lights of the football field at Waukesha West High School, we find such a heart; that of high school senior Peter MacCudden. An all-star running back and standout player since he was a freshman, Peter, an Elmbrook family member, continues to shine brightly as an amazing leader both on...

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Wild Ideas

Wouldn't it be great if people of faith became known more for what we are for than what we are against? In our toxic and divided world of conflicting philosophies, how are people to discern and embrace the Truth?   I had this wild idea! It was one that I could not shake! What if believers did something totally out of the box to simply show love and serve our community? No fanfares! No seeking credit! Just loving on people and, hopefully, they will eventually see what fuels...

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