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Accepted, Loved, and Known - Elisabeth's Story

Accepted, Loved, and Known - Elisabeth

Since Christ grabbed hold of my heart, I’ve found that there’s so much freedom in sharing even the most intimate parts of my life with family, friends, or even complete strangers! God has intentionally crafted each one of our stories with detail, color and precision, and I believe that even the setbacks and hardships in my life can be used for His glory. There is power in someone’s testimony because no one can deny what Christ has done in your life. My story is centered...

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This One's On Me

This One

As a staff member with the college-age ministry at Elmbrook Church I’m often asked, “What do you actually do?” I used to dread that question because I didn’t think I had a good enough answer. Now, two and a half years into my role, I no longer shy away from my answer. “I take college-age adults out for coffee.” I submitted my life to Jesus when I was 18 years old, just entering college. Then I was loved into the Kingdom of God through the college-age...

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One Way to Love a Stranger

November 17, 2015 by Heather Webb in Serving
Tags: mission, safe families, serving
One Way to Love a Stranger

Safe Families for Children is an easy but radical way for people of faith to change the lives of families living in desperate situations in our own city. How? By practicing biblical hospitality, the love of strangers.

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