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Inviting God into the Huddle - Peter's Story

In a world where we sometimes question the hearts and minds of our young people, we can’t help but delight in the discovery of those young hearts that beat with God and for God. Here, under the bright lights of the football field at Waukesha West High School, we find such a heart; that of high school senior Peter MacCudden.

An all-star running back and standout player since he was a freshman, Peter, an Elmbrook family member, continues to shine brightly as an amazing leader both on and off the field. The MacCudden family has made Elmbrook their faith home ever since Peter can remember.

“I’ve grown up here at Elmbrook,” he explained. “I love that this church has such a great sense of community. My family and I sit in the same spot every week, and we have come to know the people who come and sit with us.” Peter says there is special ‘faith family’ connection there, and he is thankful for their friendship and support…another gift of his Elmbrook worship experience.

Peter’s accomplishments on the football gridiron have been nothing short of sensational. He has followed in the very capable footsteps of his older brothers, Kevin and Thomas, fueled by the coaching finesse of his father Tony and loving support of his mother, Karen. But there is something more along with his family, history and the love of the game that makes Peter unique. It is his deep faith that calls him to be a beacon to others.

“Being a light for other people,” Peter says, is his true and deepest intent. “More important than playing well are things like having respect for others, and having integrity.”

So God is called onto the field at every game.

Assuming his older brother’s tradition, after each game, Peter invites the opposing team, win or lose, to join his team in a group prayer.

“It’s a really special moment when we give thanks for a safe game, for our ability to play the game we all love, and to give thanks to God with a group of guys you just went to ‘war’ with,” he explains.

“It really kind of ‘cuts the fire’, and allows us to show respect and integrity despite whether we win or lose,” says Peter. “If the other team remembers us that way, then I think that’s pretty special.”

With his last season now in the rear view window, he will now concentrate on finishing his senior year and trying to figure out where life will take him next. Colleges will undoubtedly be clamoring for both his gridiron skills as well as his outstanding leadership abilities. In the short term, Peter says he also has his eye on beginning a special project.

“It’s really tough to be in high school, and people need leadership. I’ve talked to some of my friends and I am going to try to start a Bible study. I really want to get that going, because I think it’s something we need.”

Indeed, it is. And God must be saying, “Touchdown, MacCudden!”

*To watch Peter's story, click HERE.