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Mominations 2018

May 12, 2018 in Stories
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Mominations 2018

Diana Otzelberger nominated by Bryan Otzelberger: My mom is a very giving woman and sacrifices herself for others. Diana as a single mother did an amazing job raising my brother and I,and gave us the tools we needed to take care of ourselves, but she did spoil us with loving gifts when she was able.

Alysha Brown nominated by Amy Cahalane: Ever know someone who is simply wise beyond his/her years? Someone who just shines the light of Christ the minute you meet him/her? Alysha is one of these individuals. We are both new to EB and started volunteering at the info center. From the minute we met, I was amazed by her obedience to God's calling on her life, her rich faith and her awareness of the world AND people around her. As a single woman, she will be adopting her second child soon! You need to hear her story! She's awesome!

Lisa Chase nominated by Danica Chase: She prays for people that I love and that are part of my family and she loves to play with me like playing games. She makes me and my sister feel really special.

Sue Thoms nominated by Amanda Rath: My Mom is the definition of "The Best Mom". I have 3 siblings, so she has been stretched in 4 different directions for many years. She has been there for us through EVERYTHING and has always encouraged us to be our best, try our best and live life to the fullest every day. She has laughed with us and cried with us. She has instilled morals and faith. She is the glue to our family and there is no way we would be the people we are today, without her.

Sammi Whaley and Jenny Jones nominated by Wendy Jones: Amazing moms to my grand babies!!!

Becky Fink nominated by Ben Fink: She is so loving and sweet! When you are down she does all she can to lift you back up. When our family feels too tired to go to church she tells us to get up and go, and we do and we feel great about it. She always picked us to do our best. When I was younger and I got stitches she was there every second to care for me. She is the best mom ever.

Bobbie Ericson nominated by Amanda Lewis: I had my first baby a few months ago. My mom who lives 5 hours away came and stayed with my husband and I for two weeks. She cooked, cleaned and took care of pretty much everything while I was adjusting to being a new mom. I look at my mom in a completely different way now that I am a mom. She’s amazing and I hope to be the mom she is to me!

Samantha Hoppe nominated by Alexia Hoppe: I am a fourth grade student at Elm Grove Lutheran School. I think she should be nominated because she is my mum. She cares for me. She also gives me everything I want and need. She loves me dearly. She is there for me when I need her. That is why I think she should be chosen.

Grace McGeehon nominated by Marilyn Pritchard: My dad died when I was 7 months old. My mom was a homemaker with four children under 10. At first, she took in typing for college students. (This was before computers.) I still remember falling asleep to the sound of her typewriter. When I started school, she got a secretarial job. She eventually became head of the county homemaker/health aid service, helping older people stay in their homes. Now 97, her whole life has been about serving others. Her name is Grace. I call her Amazing Grace.

Mary Rydzewski nominated by Rachel Rydzewski: God has given me the most incredible mom. My mom loves the Lord. She encourages me, prays for me, and models for me what it looks like to live for Christ. My mom is also amazing because she loves my dad unconditionally. Finally, my mom is amazing because she tells us and shows up how much she loves us. She is one of the hardest workers I know. She always puts others before herself. She is loving, wise, compassionate, generous, and so much fun. My perfect day is a day with just me and my mom.

Sharon Moretti nominated by Gina Moretti: My mom is always helping others. She helps my sister and I all the time. I lost my job last year and she has been helping me financially. My sister also recently los her job and my mom has been helping her as well. She also helps take care of Dakota, my sister’s dog. She helped me remodel my kitchen last year - stripped and painted cabinets (twice because the first time we had the wrong primer). She also quilts and has made pillowcases for the soldiers and quilts for the Elmbrook quilt group.

Laura Leigh nominated by Jake Leigh: Laura has always had a huge heart for others, especially children. Throughout our marriage we have had many children in our lives and she has always been able to make them feel loved and heard. She is a natural with children and very creative when it comes to entertaining them. We are pregnant with our first born child and she is very excited to be a mom. I have absolutely know doubt that she will be fantastic with our child and she is already doing all that she can to prepare for this baby.

Dana Wemmert nominated by Brianna Hogan: She helps me with my homework and teaches me about God and Jesus and how we worship them and she takes me to school every morning and she spends lots of time with me and she does lots of things for me and she is the most wonderful mom ever!! ^u^

Ann Gottowski nominated by Tiffany Gottowski: She loves Jesus and taught me how to love Him and trust Him with my whole heart. She loves my dad and I unconditionally. Her life is an example of kindness, forgiveness, love, and trusting God has a plan through anything! She is also beautiful and hilarious! :)

Kristy Siewert nominated by Stephanie Siewert: My mom inspires me everyday with her determination and passion for life and her family. I’ve seen her rise about challenges and bloom where she is planted. I want her to see how much her selflessness has meant to me over the years because the amount of unconditional love she has for me, my siblings, and my dad is incredible and an amazing example of who God created her to be. I love my mom and hope one day I can be like her: strong in faith, strong in love, and strong in joy.

Leah Westpfahl nominated by Eve Westpfahl: She is SUPER nice and caring and helpful.She drives me to ice skating every morning and is really funny.

Jenny Behling nominated by Samuel Behling: My mom is amazing because she is crazy supportive of me and my siblings. She supports us in every way and is always there for us. I can come to her with anything and she'll always listen and help me out. She never refuses anyone help and remains strong no matter what.

Jennifer Meyer nominated by Eoghan Rascon: Even though she is my best friends mom, she’s taken me in like I’m her own. She’s kind, loving, supportive, and most of, funny! Love you mama J

Annette Carini nominated by Lauren Burand: From as far back as I can remember, my mom has been a rock for many. As her kids we are uniquely blessed by her devoted attention, thoughtfulness and willingness to do anything for us. In this past year she has spent countless hours planning my wedding, but also walked with grace and peace through some of the toughest moments. My mom is my best role model of following Jesus in every season and situation ahead of me and she is also one of my best friends! Love you, Mom!

Bonnie Hillmer nominated by Stacy Werkheiser: My mom had "2 sets" of kids - me and my brother, followed by years of infertility and miscarriage, and finally my two sisters. Her faith in God's good plan for our family carried her and my dad through those difficult in-between years as well as all the years of raising us 4 kids! More recently, my mom prayed unceasingly as me and my husband, a pastor, were buffeted by the vicissitudes of ministry. God smiled on her faith when He brought us home to Waukesha last spring!

Jessica Stocks nominated by Andrew Kelly: She is cool and smart and is willing to persevere through even the toughest times.

Hsin-Lin Chiao nominated by Cassandra Chiao: My mom is an artist, a captivating soul. Even with all of the adversity she has experienced, she loves the Lord with all of her heart, soul, mind, and strength, and has faith and trust in the Lord that are as rare, strong, and beautiful as a red diamond. She is generous without fear, has forgiveness without end, has perseverance without pride, and has a sacrificial spirit without bitterness. My mom is a true artist, a masterpiece created by the Great Artist himself. I love her so very much.

Catherine Endisch nominated by Brittany Endisch: This awesome mother of five girls demonstrates the true meaning of love. Not only with her words, but with her actions too. She's shaped me into the person I am today, and I can't thank her enough for all of the big and little things she's done, and continues to do for me.

Marcia Strommen nominated by Maria Strommen: My mom is such a wonderful mom. She has three children and one grandson. She took me and my son in let’s us live with her and my dad. She has great patience when it comes to my son that has autism. She help figure out what he is having trouble communicating. He loves his Gram so much!! Her strength is inspiring! I am so blessed that God gave me a mom like you!! I love you Mom!!

Marilyn Pritchard nominated by Sarah Pritchard: From juggling her career AND raising us full time to sewing us exciting Halloween costumes, Marilyn (Mom) did it all. She taught us how to love and give back. She encouraged our passions. She still listens patiently whenever I (a full-grown adult) call her nearly every day (sometimes twice). Thank you mom!!!

Marilyn Pritchard nominated by Kate Pritchard: My mother has always been there for me. She took care of me and my two sisters throughout our entire childhood. She has supported us through school and guided us to independence. Recently, she has helped me through my increasing difficulties with anxiety and depression. I know I can always call her when I am having trouble. I would not be where I am today without my mom. I love her so much and I can only hope that I am as good a mom to my future kids as she was to me and my sisters.

Alexis Green nominated by Eric Green: Strength! Step-parenting can be a one way flow of love and caring. My wife has selflessly taken that challenge and works hard every day to be the best provider and support system she can be for me and the kids. On a day where step-moms are easily overlooked, I celebrate all the love and support she commits to the knuckleheads in our house. She deserves more than this note - Happy Smothers Day Sweetie!

Jane Nastoff nominated by Allison Nastoff: I am 28 years old and have a good job. But because I am visually impaired and have other medical needs, my parents have told me there is no reason I need to struggle on my own. When I think about how much more stressful life would be if I had to manage on my own, and when I think about how much I would have to pay others to do things I cannot do such as driving and filling my pill box with the medications I need, things Mom does for free out of love, I realize that I am blessed.

Karen Schilling nominated by Sarah Schilling: She is kind,sweet, generous, caring, helpful, patient.

Erin Romas nominated by Joe Romas: Erin is an amazing person. Nonetheless, it’s not this that ultimately makes her amazing. She is staying at home and making sure our girls are raised in the LORD. She is the rock of our household and she deserves honor, praise and nothing but the BEST. A truly amazing “MOMMY!”

Joanne Fritz nominated by Erica Rodd: Everyday growing up from kindergarten to high school before school she would put on the “armor of God” with us and pray for our day ahead...a tradition I now do with my kids.

Vania Ludwig nominated by Ashley Ludwig: My mom is a single mother taking care of my brother and I. She works two jobs to be able to afford more for us to do such as sports etc. Even with a busy schedule she still makes time to drive us everywhere, watch our games, cook, clean, and everything in between. And at the end of the day i realize that she’s more of a best friend to me than anyone else is and that’s one of the many things she does that keeps me motivated to keep pushing through the hard times in my life.

Cathy Schauz nominated by Sophia Schauz: She is the strongest person I know, always putting others in front of herself. Her compassion radiates her love, making her extremely iconic. Not only did she raise me into the woman I am today, but she is the spiritual leader I look up to . She's taught me to be selfless and focus on the one who matters the most.

Jill D’Amato nominated by Sally Toman: She is a strong woman. She nearly died giving birth to her twins. Then, a couple years later when her three children were still all under 3 years old she battled with cancer and went through chemo and radiation and during that time increased her hours of work. She gives God the credit for bringing her through all of it. Today she is happy, healthy, an amazing mother and in the Lord for continued strength.

Lee’a Groth nominated by Mark Groth: My wife Lee'a is amazing because we have twin boys that are 18 months old. The way she works with them and takes care of them is amazing. She takes care of the household including me. I do make all the major decisions in our household. So far there has been no major decisions..... Lee'a is so patient and kind hearted .. Not sure how she does it..

Ronnie Garrett nominated by Shea Garrett: She puts her children's happiness above her own and really tries to give us the best life even when she is struggling with things. She is my best friend and listens to me even if I sound crazy. Despite sometimes her inner crazy comes out, I can't help but love the quirky women who raised 5 children fantastically.

Nancy Kleist nominated by Jenna Kleist: My mom is amazing because she always strives to do the right thing and her conviction in her faith is something I greatly admire. She is a very strong, collected and protective woman who is also very understanding and loving. I have seen her take action to help a stranger who was in a car accident and I have seen her hold her family together in times of distress. It’s beyond words how proud I am to be her daughter. Happy Mother’s Day mom!

Arlene Blackenburg nominated by Russ Blackenburg: Mom was the classic TV mother- subservient, but always in control. She raised 2 kids on dad's minimum wage and was always present. As dad is going through his 3rd and final cancer, she has again taken charge with doctor appointments and comforting him and us at home. She's 80 and looks and acts 60.

Jennifer Felton nominated by Ellie Felton: Together as a family we have been through so much and over the years we have gone through our fair share of ups and downs but what I truly admire most about my mother is her love and compassion and strength that she has always carried along with her. Her faith in God grows more and more everyday and I love that I can see a gradual change in our lives that is positive because we have put our trust and our focus of Jesus. "You're my sunshine!" Thank you mom.

Evelyn Lutter nominated by the Lutter grandkids:
She's the needed smile
On a day that's turned awry.
She listens to our venting
While we share a piece of pie.

She willingly babysits our three children
So we can have date night once a week.
She helps them bakes cookies, do their homework,
And even plays hide and seek.

She has taught us the necessity
Of eating popcorn while watching a movie
What's even more, and our list certainly could go on, She has shown us all that a Grandma (and mom) can both be Godly and groovy!

Kimberly Kreblin nominated by Thomas Kreblin: I’ve been married to Kim for about 6 months now, What makes Kim amazing is her selflessness towards others. Her volunteer time is off the chart. If it’s being a Girl Scout Troop leader handling all the girls, their activities, and cookie sales, volunteering here at Elmbrook at The front Chapel desk, to helping troubled young adults with life choices, her dad lives with us and needs assistance and our 7 year old can be a handful at times. She’s amazing at being......Mom.

Christine Miller nominated by Valerie Richter: I have written a blog article about her. Here is the link: https://meaningfuljourneysite.wordpress.com/2017/05/02/when-i-count-my-blessings-i-count-my-mother-twice/

Deb DeMaster nominated Adam DeMaster: Deb DeMaster is the most amazing mom in the entire world. She does everything with a positive attitude and always has a smile on her face. She has the best sense of humor through the songs and jokes she creates, which all end with her cracking herself up. She always puts everyone else's needs first. She has a special needs son who is 21 years old. It is difficult since at times he can be a handful but she always manages to show love and care to him and others. You are the best mom! Love you!

Shannon Dierks nominated by Aaron Dierks: Although still new-ish to this mom thing, Shannon is absolutely incredible. The care she shows for our 22 month old Noah has been such a joy to see. She is overflowing with love in all areas of her life. She pours love into our family (which has another on the way!!), her job, her friends, and all areas of her life. She constantly gives 100% in everything she does. I very clearly married up and thank God each day for the woman I married!

Eileen Wuellner nominated by Kira Collins: Where do I start? My mom and I were not always the closest, as she pushed me very hard when I was growing up. What I didn't see or realize as she was pushing me, is how it was shaping me to be a strong, independent and driven woman. In the past few years of my 20's and 30's, I have experienced difficult life events, losses and hard lessons. She always stuck by my side in these circumstances, being my biggest advocate and never questioning or judging me, but supported me unconditional.

Valerie Flath nominated by Thomas Flath: My mother has a gift for encouragement. No matter the circumstance, big or small, she is there to help those she loves. She is constantly caring for her family and is always trying to help (even if some of us live hours away). I am lucky to have been raised by her and to have been taught the same kind of compassion that she gives out every day.

Karen Schilling nominated by Elise Schilling: She's kind smart my mom loves coffee and chocolate she loves me with all her heart

Jane Storck nominated by Lauren Storck: She is amazing because she thinks about her kids before she thinks of herself and she helps people have healthier lifestyles. I love you mom. Love, Lauren

Teresa Artone nominated by Marycate Artone: My mom goes above and beyond for me and my 3 siblings, and even all of our friends too. She's our mom, but she's also our friend's mom too. When we get home, she always makes us food to ensure we are healthy. She will drop everything she's doing if we need her, even if its driving 35 minutes to see me at college and take me out to lunch when I am having a bad day. My mom is the best mom & everyone that knows her would agree :)

Elsie Paul nominated by Mariama Paul: My mother goes the extra mile even when she is tired to make sure that all of us are taken of and including her best friends. To me she is truly a humanitarian and reminds me everyday that having a good heart is what is needed to make the world a better place to live in. We all love you Mom! Happy Mother's Day!

Veronica Vasquez nominated by Zindel Fuentes: Most big hearted, loving mother and grandmother any child or grandchild could ask for. She always helps those in need and never asks for anything in return. (Spanish only)

Gerry Connor nominated by Beth Bourne: My mom is awesome! She is a servant leader who has taught her family to walk humbly daily with God, draw near to His promises while praying and praising Him fervently. I nominate my mom for being a great role model. Thanks, MOM!!

Margie Matthews nominated by John Matthews: When Margie and I married in 1984, she had 6 & 3 year old kids. I had 15 & 14 year olds. She instantly became the stepmom to 2 teenage girls. She loved, encouraged and served my daughters, as she became their best friend. When my oldest married in 1993, she was asked to be the Matron of Honor.We also had 2 more children. Margie was Instrumental in bonding all 6 kids together and raising them to know Christ. Thru her modeling a life of serving, she instilled in them a desire to serve others too.

Beverly Hillmer nominated by John Hillmer: My mom raised us kids up in a Godly home, taught us about Jesus, led us to the Lord, taught us with her living example what it looked like to live a Christian life, what a Christian marriage should be, and even on her deathbed she taught us what it was like to have joy and anticipation to meet our savior! And, with excitement she proclaimed, "I'm going to meet Jesus!"

Lindsay Scaife nominated by Dustin Scaife: Lindsay is an amazing selfless person and a fantastic mom. She is a loving mother to our 2 boys. She gave our oldest son a second chance at life by donating a kidney to save his life. She has been a foster mom to 3 girls over the past 3 years, and will become a adoptive parent for two of those girls later this year. She balances a family and a career and exceeds expectations at both! No matter how challenging, the needs of her family always take precedence to her own needs.

Jean Loepfe nominated by Caity Frans: I've tried to write a momination at least 4 times, but I just can't seem to encompass all of the reasons why my mom is so amazing. To put it simply, I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for her. She helped me battle depression, anxiety and drug abuse -all while navigating through her own pain from divorce. I was headed down a very dark road, but she picked me up & forced me to go to college. It was there that I met some amazing people and gave my life to Jesus. My mom really did save my life.

Jean Loepfe nominated by Brittany Loepfe: My mom is my entire world & bestfriend. Without her, I would not be here (literally too). I am her mini-me in almost every way to the point where when I meet someone that she knows, I get "oh my gosh, you are your mother. You look exactly like her". Whenever I am sad or need a pick me up, my mom is the first person I go to. She is extremely funny and will drop anything for me. I want to be like her in every way possible. I could not ask for a better mom. I love her "bigger than the sky".

Jean Loepfe nominated by Aly Loepfe: My mother is amazing for many different reasons. She is so loving- she loves my sisters and I so much and she loves Jesus. She is always there to make you laugh or there when you need to cry. She will drop everything and help you when you need it. She does everything she can to always be strong for everyone- even when she’s going through tough times. She lives as though every day is a new opportunity and loves life. I hope to be just like her.

Hannah Van Every nominated by Joshua Van Every: Where do I start, well first off she's the best wife and mother any man and family could ask for. She loves Jesus Christ first and foremost and it shows in her relationships. She believes firmly in having a relationship as opposed to following a religious set of rules- She makes the most amazing meals (Stuffed Mozzarella chicken with mushroom and pepper marsala sauce-my fav). She is a very hard worker in taking care of our children, going to school, and even working two separate jobs part time.

Kathie Fait nominated by Laura Fait: She is the most selfless, giving woman I know. She does everything for the family, and expects nothing in return. She is my role model and my best friend.

Kim Gregg nominated by Shannon Dierks: My mom loves Jesus with all of her heart. She serves others so faithfully and is always full of joy. She is the best Gigi to our son Noah and has been a beautiful example for me as I have navigated new motherhood. We all just love her so much and thank God every day for her.

Peggy Siegel nominated by Emily Siegel: My mom has always been my support system, loving me no matter what. Her faith inspires me on a daily basis and I truly would not be where I am today without her. My mom is not only my role model, but my best friend.

Lupita Alfaro nominated by Jessica Alfaro: My Mother-in-Law is the most loving person I have met (besides my mom, ofcourse). She is a wonderful mom to three (Adult kids) and an awesome Grandmother to Santiago. She literally goes above and beyond in the way she serves her children and people she cares about. She does acts of service regularly to show her appreciation. For example, she is the primary caregiver for my child and loves him so deeply. She cooks, plays, reads and watches the same five movies my son loves.

Kate Albrecht nominated by Estella Albrecht: She is always there for my 2 sisters and i, and she keeps us close to God, and we don’t know what we’d do without her.

Carrie Gauger nominated by Elijah Gauger: If I could tell nominate my Mom for an award every day she would win it in my book. She has always kept her eyes on the Lord even when affliction was given to her. She has been a role model for me to live up to and I would not want any other Mom to be mine. She has always wanted to adopt a child and 2 years ago my 3rd brother came into my life. He was going through some family troubles and she was so kind and welcoming to add him to our family no hesitation. She cannot wait to go to Haiti again.

Elaine Zabel nominated by Elizabeth Jones: She never stops loving and praying for her children, even though we're adults. We live far apart, but every morning, I get to call her long-distance and have a chat so I don't feel so alone.

Elin Rogahn nominated by George Rogahn: She is always willing to help anyone. She has a servant heart. She does not worry about things because she knows God is in change and she is a new creation. She is involved in the lives of her 10 grandchildren and helps with the younger ones. She leads bible studies at her seniors apartment complex. She works at the information desk at Elmbrook Church every week. She volunteers at a senior lunch in her area once a week.

Leah Hillmer nominated by Mike Hillmer: She works hard and sweats the small stuff so her family doesn’t have to! She uprooted her family to move to another state, away from her own family, for the benefit of her kids and life together with her husband!

Maria Winter nominated by Madilyn Winter: She works hard and sweats the small stuff so her family doesn’t have to! She uprooted her family to move to another state, away from her own family, for the benefit of her kids and life together with her husband!

Cindy Stoltmann nominated by Kathryn & Hannah Stoltmann: She constantly puts her family before herself, she has so much patience dealing with her two daughters: a teenager & a “bride-to-be” (yikes!), she never complains about her “mom duties” and she’s definitely #MomGoals.

Margie Matthews nominated by Heather Joswick: No one like her! She has loved me & believed the best of me. But also endless hours cheerfully & willingly watching my kids, doing my laundry, cleaning, doing errands, hugging, & encouraging me. Always ready to listen & never too tired to give love or help. She's my best friend & a role model of selfless love I will never attain to. But what makes MY MOM most amazing is that we didn't meet til I was 13.She is my STEPMOM, & when I think of Margie, there is no way I can doubt the goodness of God.

Sarrah Hagedorn nominated by Marty Hagedorn: Yearning for God’s guidance and spiritual growth, her principles and morals that she lives to instill in our children, her parenting to my 12 year old son despite much trepidation and resistance. Her thoughtfulness and willingness to sacrifice to enhance the lives of our children. She is a good mom.

Margaret Anna Morales nominated by Phillip J Morales: My Mom is a special Mom. I lost her last year, but she is as special and more so now. She dedicated her life to the Lord and her family. She was that person who "gave you the shirt off their back." She had 6 children, 19 grandchildren and 21 great grandchildren. Years ago, she worked for the school board, they were discarding drums of paper. She took them and put them in the attic. What purpose could they serve, my Dad asked. The answer came when a missionary in Africa asked for paper.

Jill Jamrozy nominated by Katrina Thompson: She is the most selfless person I know. Even in her darkest times she shows tremendous strength, love and trust in God. She leads a life of strong faith and is a blessing to all who know her.

Ruth Jacobson nominated by Caleb Jacobson: She makes all our food from scratch, including bread from wheat that she mills herself. She tends a home garden that gives us veggies, fruit, salad, and herbs. She has been volunteering at the church for around 20 years. She has homeschooled her children. She has given us so much of her time and support; we children are very blessed to call her Mom.

Elizabeth Eng nominated by Alex Eng: What makes my mom amazing is her perseverance. With the random food splatters on the ceiling, smelly soccer socks on the floor, and the piercing screams of my 13 year old brother, my mom still hasn't gone insane. I guess it's pretty chaotic parenting 3 boys. I wouldn't have been accepted into college, let alone left my room without my mom's help. She has been putting up with my sass for 18 years. Most people can't handle me for more than 2 hours. Basically, my mom is superhuman.

Kimba Manikowski nominated by Fran Manikowski: She’s one of those shy, humble people who hates the center of attention, which is a perfect reason to give her this “momination.” She’s incredibly wise, and I love that she can give you the exact scripture you need to hear at any given moment. She’s always there whenever I need advice, prayers, a shoulder to cry on, or just a big hug. She taught me to love Jesus Christ with all heart & to treat others the way I want to be treated.

Michele Pitcher nominated by Hailey Pitcher: She loves us. She drives us where we need to go even when it isn't convenient for her. She helps us when we need it. She's caring. She's funny. She cooks delicious food for every meal, but reading maps and parallel parking are not her specialty :) She has a contagious love for God that is visible to everyone around her. She always loves to study the bible and shares what she learns with our family. She gives good advice that she has acquired through her own experiences. She is a natural leader

Carmen Balding nominated by Emily Balding: The sacrifices my mom makes for her family are incredible. She always puts others before herself and works harder than anyone I know, yet she still makes time for her family. My mom inspires me every day, and I would never be the person I am today without her advice, love, and encouragement. She truly is amazing.

Kimba Manikowski nominated by Stacy Biankowski: Kimba is an amazing mom. She's my friends mother but seriously is like the mother of all children as she cares about every one of her daughter's friends like their her daughter's too. She has a son too, but I don't know if she treats them the same. ;) She is kind, hilarious, someone you can look up to for wise advice, and most importantly a woman of God. I couldn't be more happier to nominate her for Mother’s Day. YEAH KIMBAAAAAA!

Evelyn Williams nominated by Chris Rusch: My mom raised 4 children on her own after our dad died in 1955. She took care of us and worked hard to make sure we had the things we needed. The most important thing she did was to instill a love of Christmas in all of us. At 94 she is still doing that.

Edie Fomotor nominated by Julius Fomotor: My mom always supported me and told me I’m more than a wonderful son, I’m a gift from God. Her love of Jesus gave her strength and courage to share her faith with others. Even through cancer her faith was unwavering. She would leave post-it notes around her condo like “Though I have fallen, I will rise, though I sit in darkness, the lord will be my light”, and “He heals the brokenhearted.” The last note she wrote was “I have hope!” Oh, what I would give to enjoy one more Mother’s Day with her.

Amber Zemek nominated by Tom Zemek: Amber is the amazing mother to our 9-month old daughter, Amalia. She invented the “Amalia sandwich” which is our family’s group-hug! Amalia says: “I love mommy because she sings me the Snuggle Puppy song and makes me laugh!”

Sharron Crawford nominated by Kevin Crawford: My mom is the spiritual matriarch of our family, whose love and prayers have had a lasting impact on me, my children, and those closest to her. I've heard her described as the nicest woman on earth, always ready with a smile and a positive and encouraging attitude. She's a catalyst for bringing people closer together, whether it be her extended family or her extended circle of friends. There are many of us who owe my mom a debt of gratitude, and no one more than me.

Ruth Jacobson nominated by Josh Jacobson: She always does what is best for our family, and is constantly seeking wisdom and greater understanding from God. In a world where parents are more and more neglecting their families, I am very fortunate to have a mom like her.

Ruth Jacobson nominated Chloe Jacobson: She is a strong, confident woman who is passionate about God and her relationship with Him. As a mother, she is supportive, caring, and compassionate, and as a friend, she is lovable, loyal, and diligent. She also makes the best bread in the world. Even as a stay at home, homeschool mom, she embodies all that a great feminine character is: courageous, zealous, and deeply rooted in the truth. Her smile is contagious, and her love for God, even more so. She is my role model in my walk with Christ.

Amy Pfister nominated Ally Pfister: My mom is the best mom ever! She has raised five beautiful kids and works her butt off everyday. But the thing that really makes my mom special is that she is truly a hero. Last week, she saved my brothers life. After an unexpected overdose, my mom found my little brother on the floor of the bathroom with a purple face. She gave him compressions and saved his life. After Days of praying he is finally recovered and is able to spend Mother’s Day with her.

Betsy Anderson nominated by Heidi Williams: Not only does my mom joyfully provide amazing care to my daughter every day, but she also helps with household tasks during my daughter's nap time. She blesses me with prayer and homemade treats to start my day. She radiates Christ's love and a servant's heart. I am so blessed to call her my mom.

Pat Desmond-Bradley nominated by Erika Kinnunen: My mother is beautiful, intelligent, strong, resilient, respected, and dedicated! She is the most loving and supportive woman. Everyone who meets her loves her. She is truly my greatest blessing from the Lord. I love you mama!

Karen Zingler nominated by Brad Zingler: Karen has been a stay at home mom for 9 years and manages to keep the household afloat with her planning and organizational skills. She's helped raise two great kids who know the Lord and love to serve.

Jenny Behling nominated by Isabel Behling: My mom is so amazing because she makes the best popcorn in the world. Also, whenever I tell her to make it she does, even when it's way past my bed time and she exhausted because I already ate all of the other popcorn she made me an hour ago. But the real reason my mom is so amazing is because she is so kind and is always thinking about me before herself. She is so loving and is always there for me when I need her the most. She is brave, funny and works harder than anyone I know. I love her!

Margie Matthews nominated by Corrine Joswick: Margie is one of the most giving people I know. She has loved me so well from such a young age and has continued to love every single person that comes into our family in the same way. My family is incredibly lucky to know and be loved by her!

Nicole Loppnow nominated by Madison Loppnow: Since September my mom has been struggling with so much. She is going thru a hard divorce with an alcoholic as well as taking care of me a suicidal daughter who feels the divorce is her fault. Somehow though my mom manages to wake up every morning with a smile on her face as well as take care of my two other siblings. Recently she has devoted to god completely and the outcome that our family has seen by devoting to god is amazing. There is no way any of us could do this without god watching over.

Meg Cerwin nominated by Chelsea Beardslee: Even though we are all grown and out of the house, our mom will drop everything to support, attend, donate, help, hang out, or care for us. No matter how small or insignificant the need, she is always there for us, in every way.

Karin Ludwig nominated by Tiffany Ludwig: My mom is the best person I know. In fact, if you know her, she is probably the best person you know as well! My mom takes care of everyone she knows like they are her family, never questioning the time spent or effort given, just caring and loving unconditionally. My mom has taught me what it is like to be a strong, loving, caring, and independent woman. If I can one day be half as amazing as my mom then I would consider myself to be truly blessed. #BESTIES!

Leslie Varney nominated by Jack Varney: My mommy is amazing because she cuddles with me and gives me hugs and kisses. She also sings the go to sleep song and itches my back at night.

Lois Wilcox nominated Laurel Wilcox: My grandma just recently passed away, but that is far from the reason she deserves to be nominated. “What can I do for you” was a classic statement she used. It wasn’t until recently I found out how genuinely she meant it. She loved us and guided us all. Never giving up on the 4 grandchildren that lived with her throughout the years. She also did things when she was younger, like being volunteer of the month for working with juveniles and working at the mental health facility there’s more so much.

Erica Rodd nominated by Tony Rodd: Happy mother’s day to the most amazing mother in the world! Thank you for all the selfless acts you do on a daily basis that allow us to make the most out of every moment along this crazy journey of life. We love you!

Bev Schmidt nominated by Scott and Ashley Schmidt: She is the most selfless person we have ever met. She cares deeply for the Lord and has shared that love with the entire family. She is patient, kind, forgiving and the list goes on! We are so blessed to call her Mom, Nana and friend!

Anne Pavlik nominated Gabrielle Pavlik: It's hard to sum up how truly special my mom is in a few quick sentences, because she is absolutely amazing. My mom is extremely giving, through her passion for volunteer work she has raised over $200,000 for my lutheran grade school. She also along with volunteering, balances a part time job and being a wonderful mom to my brother and I. She is extremely caring and gives the best advice I'm proud to call her my best friend! When I grow up and have my own family I will strive to be just like her.

Jenni Steingraeber nominated by Adam Steingraeber: I know I can never repay her for all the lessons she's taught me, meals she's made, and hugs and kisses she's given. There are an infinite amount of things she has done for me that have gone unnoticed. That is what amazes me most about my mom. The amount of work she does and responsibilities she juggles without ever expecting anything in return. I know I have given her many sleepless nights and I just wanted to say thank you for her unconditional love.

Karin Humenberger nominated by Mandy Fank: Throughout my life, my mom has been my best friend, my confidant, my ever-present guide through life’s highs, lows, and everything in between. She gives all of herself, every day, to help others. This Mother’s Day, as I sit with my own children and hand-in-hand next to her, may she see herself not just as we see her, but as God sees her. His masterpiece, the heart of our family, and my greatest inspiration.

Kim Manikowski nominated by Pat Manikowski: She loves her childen immensely. She prays for them often. Mother Bear and her cubs, even though they are grown. She even treats me like one of her children.

Luanne Folker nominated by Kevin Folker: My mom has been a living example of truly sacrificial love my entire life. She has worked multiple jobs at a time (including at our high school, so we always got free donuts - thanks ma!), without complaining about having to do it, just to make sure my siblings and I always had everything we needed and could do all the things we wanted. She has given all of us the foundation for our faith and has shown us each day how to love and give unconditionally. Love you, ma!

Lakshmi K nominated by Bobby K: My Mom is amazing because she is the one who led our family (My Dad, My Sister and me) towards Jesus Christ. We came from a non-Christian background and it was really very hard for us to stand up for Christ, by knowing Him as a true God & accepting him as our personal savior. We were persecuted, criticized and insulted in the society/community where we lived just because we got converted to Christianity from a religion that my ancestors followed in India. I Praise GOD for my Mom.

Bobbie Lau nominated by Chandra Lau: Bobbie Lau, is the most, giving, caring, kind, loving, faithful, and motherly person I know. She has made it her life's mission to care for her family and she is amazing at it! She is strong and a fighter, battling and defeating cancer twice. This woman somehow makes serving as a Wife, Mom, Nana, Sister, Friend and woman of faith look easy! I feel so lucky to be able to learn from her! Her positive outlook on life and ability to love all people is truly special!

Julie Wallen nominated by Timothy Wallen: She is the mother of 8 kids, she always makes it to all of our activities, and a great listener! We love you mom!

Wendy Burdick nominated by Briana Burdick: She’s the best mom someone can ask for, an amazing grandma to both her grandsons. Very kind hearted and giving. I love you mom.

Elisabeth Thielitz nominated by Lilly Thielitz: My mom has given me her wisdom and helped me become who I am today. My mom has put my three siblings and myself first for everything. She is there at our games or competitions always the one cheering the loudest. My mom had a special place in my heart because she always provides a warm and loving feeling. She is always there listening and giving us hugs.

Anna Vos nominated by Kevin Vos: After living in California all her life and in San Diego for the past 17 years, my wife willingly moved to Brookfield so I could pursue a job opportunity. (And the only “conditions” were that she got to buy the jacket of her choice, drive a 4-wheel drive vehicle, and attend a Packers game.) She has been the rock in our family these past five years, putting her own dreams on hold so our kids and I can flourish. She is a woman of great faith, love, and encouragement. Now, it’s her time to shine!

Pam Stiles nominated by Caleb and Ethan Stiles: "My mom loves me and my brother and does amazing things with us like go on hikes, play lava monster at the playground even when all the other moms just watch, and build Lego creations. I love her so much!"

Bev Jackson nominated by Myndi Charpentier: There is nobody like my Mom! She is the most unselfish, thrifty, jack-of-all trades, go getter women in the world. She can be the family 's counselor one minute and the next build a table. Greatly respected by everyone and adored more than she knows, my Mom has all the answers, all the laughter, all the compassion, and all the great mom quotes. I wanna be like you Mom!

Maria Strommen nominated by Doris Schaaf: My Grandma is such a beautiful heart. She is a mom to Sandy, Cathy, Bonnie, Marcia, Craig and Mary. She has 12 grandchildren and 6 great grand babies. She has has a Great Love for Our Lord and Savior of Jesus. And she loves her family! I am so happy to have her as my Grandma and friend! I love you Grandma!

Macey Gill nominated by Kristy Gill: My mommy is Amazing because she gives me a great home and a great school. She keeps me safe and she loves me with her whole heart. She always trys her best to come to all my field trips. That is why I'm mominating my mommy.

Stefanie Gaeding nominated by Debbie Gaeding: God chose you to reveal who He is to our family, which has helped us be used as vessels to witness to others. You have selflessly served our family day after day, regardless of challenges. Your guidance has helped me through both joyful times and times of despair, some of which I don't think I could have done without you. I know I can always turn to you, for you make me feel safe and cherished. You're more than my mom... you've become my best friend. I love you!