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Woody's Story: Waiting for Healing


Woody's Story: Waiting for Healing

by Woody Davis



A little bit about this video:

I had shared my story a couple times with larger groups before, and I always knew that there was value in being vulnerable about what I’ve been through. Yet I knew that if I really wanted to communicate my struggles effectively, I needed to share a more personal view of my story. A video perhaps?

I became aware of how terrible my anxiety was when I was a high school sophomore. My parents had picked up on some of my panic attacks, and decided it was time to take me to see a psychiatrist. At this point I had already gotten two of my shorts films into a film festival and I was really excited about where my life as a filmmaker might be headed.

As I began the process of sharing what God was doing in my life I started making a film to play along with a talk I was doing at a school assembly. Ultimately that film was scrapped for several reasons, and the idea of using video to share my story receded into the back of my brain. However it came back to me this spring as I began to brainstorm future programming for services.

Being a filmmaker has ultimately helped my anxiety. Film is an amazing tool to help express an idea that’s too abstract to communicate (like anxiety). The whirring white lines look like the feeling of going through a panic attack. The scene in the classroom looks so much like how it felt when I was in that moment. The words scrolling past me are just like the doubts I heard in my head. Film ended up being a great tool not only for my recovery but also for what God’s been doing with my life ever since. For that I praise Him.


Woody Davis is a creative filmmaker on the Elmbrook Church staff.