Elmbrook Strategic Partnership - Gateway2Life

Gateways2Life's mission is to act as the "tip of the spear" in the effort to bring churches and organizations into meaningful and life transforming relationships with refugees.

In so doing, Gateways2life hopes to bring local believers and churches into relationships with refugees where refugees can experience and learn about the love of God as they receive tangible assistance. In turn, Gateways2life hopes to see local European churches revitalized as they serve beyond their walls and incorporate new believers into their midst.

Elmbrook is partnering with Gateways2life in Lesvos, Greece on a Community Center for Women & Children (take out capital letters) located directly next door to Camp Kara Tepe, where the vast majority of refugee women, children and families reside in Lesvos. It will be a place of love, care, community, safety, respect, hope, and dignity where women can:

  • Find peace and solace outside of the camp setting
  • Drink tea and eat biscuits in community with other refugees and representatives of G2L
  • Utilize the only laundry facility on the island available to refugees for free
  • Bring their children to participate in activities, games, and creative learning opportunities where children can find a moment of joy and hope in the midst of chaotic and uncertain lives
  • Receive clothing and other needed items for their entire families
  • Receive free diapers and wipes for their babies each day
  • Come out of the heat or cold to find a safe, comfortable environment where they can use the free wi-fi and charge their mobile devices
    add bullet point here Utilize the “Women’s Corner” where they can care for and breast feed their baby in privacy
  • Use the toilet facilities and sinks in privacy and safety
  • Find staff and workers who truly care about them amidst their personal struggles, developing relationships sufficient for them to be able to share their stories and begin to overcome the (take out this word) trauma
  • Obtain information about local services and opportunities including language learning, activities, events, public assistance, asylum paperwork translation and advice
  • Receive counseling and resources for trauma related to their home country, journey, life in the camps, dealing with sexual assault and other issues