Elmbrook Strategic Partnership - Milwaukee Working

What is Milwaukee Working?

Milwaukee Working is a nonprofit organization in Milwaukee's central city that employs background-challenged men and women to enable them to provide an income for themselves and their families.

What do they do?

At MW, employees receive on-the-job training, develop mentoring relationships, participate in Bible studies and life skills training, and enjoy the dignifying satisfaction of receiving a regular paycheck. Click on the MW image below to see a short video or go to the Milwaukee Working website for more information.

How has Elmbrook partnered with MW?

Since its inception, Elmbrook members have been instrumental in the formation and the ongoing oversight of Milwaukee Working.

James Place 30th St. partnered with Milwaukee Working for over four years. In answer to prayer, God has provided a new building for MW, located on North Avenue near MLK Drive. Later this calendar year, James Place will provide services to MW employees as well as continuing to serve people in the surrounding neighborhoods at this new location.

How can I be involved?

First, pray for this great organization and the employees that work there.  Second, watch the Elmbrook website to learn about when this new location will be launched and how you can help in providing James Place services.