Elmbrook Strategic Partnership - Operation Mobilization

Operation Mobilization Bangladesh wants to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached. Official figures state that Bangladesh is 89% Muslim and 10% Hindu. Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries. The annual floods normally bring fertility but silting rivers and global warming are causing more frequent disasters. Cyclones and other natural disasters add to the suffering, and constantly bring the need for acts of love and mercy in relief and rehabilitation.

OM has been instrumental in planting many churches in the past five years in Bangladesh and is working with 281 believers in 20 small groups to create faith communities that will grow and multiply, thus furthering the extension of God’s kingdom.

OM wants to see Bengali Muslims won to Christ, discipled, equipped and released into outreach and leadership roles in the broader community through church planting and with the skills and ability to support themselves and their ministry.

Bangladesh is also a country with much injustice. OM Bangladesh wants to see the transformation of lives and communities through empowerment projects for children and women. OM’s goal is that 1000 children will be set free from exploited illegal labor and empowered to study in school and 300 child brides will be rescued, healed, and empowered into sustainable livelihoods and as reproducing disciples.

Rescuing Exploited children

Rescuing Child Brides

Reaching out to the most poor and marginalised in Bangladesh