Harvest Commitment

    Harvest Commitment is your way to engage with Elmbrook’s local and global mission efforts.

    Our regular tithes and offerings go towards the Home Fund to support the daily operations and ministries of Elmbrook Church. Harvest Commitment is your opportunity to give over and above your tithe toward Elmbrook’s local and global mission efforts through our Harvest Fund.

    Make a Harvest Commitment Here

    To support the mission Jesus gave us here and around the world through our field workers, global partners, and special projects, I (we) make the following financial commitment, as God provides, in the months to come.

    Then What?

    You will receive an email from Elmbrook with a link to download a copy of your Harvest Commitment. Print it out and keep it somewhere where you can be reminded to pray over Elmbrook’s missions and field workers regularly.

    During the coming year, designate these gifts to the “Harvest Fund” on your giving envelope, or when you make a gift online via elmbrook.org/give.

    Thank you for supporting the mission ministries of Elmbrook Church!