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Game Changer

Sometimes there is a pivotal moment in a game that changes everything. A play is made, a key player returns, and the game changes. This summer we’ll hear from a variety of different speakers as they talk about scripture passages that were a “Game Changer” for them.  Who knows? Maybe God will change the game of your life too! 

How Do I...

In a world of answers on demand from Siri and Alexa, it might be helpful to ask God what answers HE has to offer on some of life’s most important questions!

Follow the King

As we follow Mark’s Gospel account of the final week leading up to the death of Jesus, we’ll discover multiple facets of who Jesus is: servant king, suffering king, silent king, victorious king, and more. As we do, we’ll find that He truly is a king like none other... one worth following with all our hearts. Will YOU follow the King?


Personal change in the new year is possible — and can be lasting! — if we approach it from God’s perspective and engage with His power. Join us as we learn from 1 Peter about how this may be the year that we can actually BE different.