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Don't Miss This

If there was only one thing you could say to people — something you wouldn’t want them to miss — what would it be? This summer we have invited an incredible line up of speakers, from inside and outside of Elmbrook, to deliver the one message they don’t want you to miss. So change your summer plans... Don’t Miss This.

Chasing the Wind

Do you ever feel like you are chasing after things that don’t deliver what they promised? A man in the book of Ecclesiastes did… he called it “chasing the wind.” He chased what the world told him he should chase — and got it — only to find that it didn't satisfy.

In "Chasing the Wind” we’ll learn what God has designed us to chase after… and how to live a life of purpose and meaning. A truly relevant message for today, with real-life applications.

Easter: Resurrect

What do we do when we feel like things have died in our lives?  When the hope we once had is no longer there?  When our belief in God that was once so sure has grown shaky?  When the life we seemed destined for is just a distant memory? We need a resurrection.

Taking New Ground

Do you find yourself stuck in the same place, saying the same things, going through the same motions? What if there was something MORE for us - as individuals and as a church? What if God was calling us to "take new ground" in our lives, our relationships, our communities and our world?

This is what He called Joshua to do. Despite his fear, Joshua stepped out and led the Israelites to take new ground. We can do the same.

Sunday Extra

Sunday Extra events are designed to engage issues from a biblical perspective with experts from around the nation. The event is free and open to the public.