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New and Improved

In Romans 6-8, Paul talks about the tension we all face as followers of Jesus: The tension between our old selves and our new selves. It would be nice if once we decided to follow Jesus we would never fall into our old patterns again, but they are there everyday. Is there hope? Can we move from the “old me” to the “new me”? Paul says, “yes."

Harvestfest 2016: Illuminate

Harvestfest is the "must-attend" mission event of our church each year. It's our annual opportunity to hear firsthand as a congregation the incredible stories of God at work — the kind of stories that won't be posted on Facebook or YouTube, or broadcast on CNN.

Greater Than

Fear. Doubt. Circumstances. Disappointment. Hurt. They can seem so big and make us feel so small. What do we do when these things seem to overtake us? Is there hope? Thankfully there is. His name is Jesus. 

Dangerous Prayers

What if we prayed differently? What if we no longer assumed that God wants us to live a safe life? What if we actually believed that God wanted to use our gifts in ways that we have never been used before? What if we believed he wanted to deal with things in us that we weren’t willing to deal with before? What if we asked him to show us where to go even if we didn’t know where that was? What if we prayed dangerous prayers? What would happen? Come and find out.