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The Secret To Joy

The apostle Paul’s circumstances were tough when he wrote the book of Philippians. Yet somehow he had an ability to reframe every situation and see the good that could come out of it. His wise words show us how it is possible to experience REAL joy in all circumstances. As we study the book of Philippians, we’ll take a look at some of the things we chase after to find happiness... only to find emptiness. We'll learn how to stop worrying and instead trust in what God has planned for us.

Along the way, we'll discover the secret to... JOY.


When it comes to something as important as your faith, it's crucial to find ways to #makeitreal.

The book of James has a lot to say about doing something with what you believe. Let's look at how we can take our faith from church on Sunday to our real lives on Monday.

Face to Face

Jesus was dead. You could see it on the faces of his followers. Mary wore the face of uncertainty. The disciples wore the face of fear. Thomas wore the face of doubt. Peter wore the face of failure. But then something happened: They came face to face with the resurrected Jesus, and their faces changed. Jesus wants to do the same for you. Will you come face to face with Him this Easter?

Rooted + Released

Here’s the reality: We all have a tendency to drift away from the life God created us to live, so we need to become ROOTED in our Creator. God roots us so that He can then use us in a big way. We are to be RELEASED to the adventure of following Him! Explore how to become more like Jesus, and step into a life that you never knew existed.