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Welcome Home

At Christmas time we love to come home: to be with family, to be known, and fully loved. Yet when it comes to our lives, we often leave home. Not the home of our family, but the home God has for us: the home where God calls us His son or daughter; the home where we are loved despite our struggles; the home where we rest in our Father’s arms no matter how successful or unsuccessful we may be. Why do we leave this home so often? And can we come back? 

This Christmas discover your Heavenly Father who is waiting with open arms saying, “Welcome Home”.

Get Rich

Let’s admit it, most of us want to get rich. So we spend longer hours working, we make risky investments, we do this or do that… all with the hopes of striking it rich. But usually instead of getting rich we get stressed out. Soon we find ourselves in debt or just constantly worrying. What if there was a different way? What if financial freedom was actually possible? What if we tried it God’s way? Join us as we discover the true way to get rich.


Each fall as a church we set aside an entire week to focus on topics or regions of the world where God is at work. Keynote speakers inform and inspire us — and challenge us to get involved in what God is doing.