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Greatest Hits

We all have our favorite Greatest Hits. It might be a chart topper that takes us back to our childhood, a love ballad that reminds us of our spouse, or a classical masterpiece that makes our heart soar. 

Join us this summer as we hear from different leading voices as they share passages of Scripture that have been God’s Greatest Hits to them.

Not Who You Think

We all have a picture of Jesus. These pictures end up shaping our faith, or lack thereof. But what if our picture of Jesus wasn’t the full picture?  Or, what if our pictures of Jesus are wrong? Join us as we see Jesus in a new way, and discover that Jesus is “Not Who You Think”. 

Unlocking Greatness

When it comes to our lives, so often we settle for less than what we were created to be and do. We settle for “ok”. Yet God’s call on our lives goes far beyond “ok”. It is a call to greatness. How do we become men and women who are great people of God doing great things for God?

Join us the next few months as we study the life of Moses and discover how he was able to unlock the greatness God had for him. In the process, watch God unlock the greatness He has waiting for you!

Family Reboot

Husbands. Wives. Kids. Step-kids. Siblings. Grandkids. Parents. Why are family relationships so hard? Why is it that no matter what we do, things don’t change? Do you ever feel like you just need to push the reboot button? Let’s explore how God wants to give our families a fresh start this year.

The Jesus Life

We all categorize our lives in different ways. Some of us lead “the good life”. Some of us have a disappointing life. Others would say it’s a chaotic life. Still others would say it’s a boring life. Some would say they have a happy life. And still others would say they need to “get a life.” No matter where you fall on this spectrum, one thing is clear: we are all called to live The Jesus Life.

The Apostle Paul knew that everything in life had to be centered in Jesus: our time, our relationships, our work, our identity, our purpose. That’s what he wrote about in Colossians. Join us as we discover The Jesus Life and learn what it means to “exchange your life for his”.