Leadership Development

...released to His mission

As part of God’s family, each of us is uniquely called to serve and lead in our places of influence at home, at work, and in the church. Leadership Development at Elmbrook Church is an intentional process that moves leaders and emerging leaders along a clearly defined, common pathway and provides them with the tools and opportunities they need to grow.


At Elmbrook Church, we've identified four key actions we believe it takes for each person to become fully "Rooted in Jesus and Released to His Mission". These actions (Attend Weekend Services, Belong to a Life Group, Join a Serve Team, Lead Others) together make up our Growth Path. Read more about our Mission, Vision and Growth Path HERE.

As you engage in a Serve Team or Life Group, you may be asked to take on the role and responsibilities of a Team Member. This is most people's first step on to the Leadership Pathway. Learn more HERE.