Leadership Development

...released to His mission

As a Christian leader, and as part of God’s family, you are uniquely called to serve Him in your circles of influence.

We rejoice to see you using the gifts you have been given. Check out our many opportunities for ministry and personal growth. All are designed to help you grow in faith and influence, so you may better serve the Lord. Within our ministry, you'll find:

Residency Program

An Elmbrook Church Residency is a one-year, part-time, paid position supported through fundraising. During your time on the Elmbrook staff, you'll get practical hands-on ministry experience, theological instruction, and leadership training — all in the context of a large, growing church.
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Faith and Work

Our primary purpose is to help individuals bridge the gap between Sunday worship and Monday work. Whatever vocation God has called you to — business leader, entrepreneur, trades-person, stay-at-home parent, office worker, retiree — he has done so with a design and a destiny in mind. Your design is to seek God's glory and your destiny is to further His Kingdom.
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