If you're seriously considering ministry as a vocation, an Elmbrook Church Residency is the stepping stone that can give you a head start in your career.

Our residencies are ideal for recent college graduates who are eager to step into ministry but are looking for practical church experience and training.  During your time on the Elmbrook staff, you'll become part of a ministry team — in the context of a large, growing church. 

What Is It?

An Elmbrook Church Residency is a one-year, part-time, paid position supported through fundraising. A residency offers a valuable combination of one-on-one mentoring in a specific ministry area, a cohort learning environment, theological training, and hands-on experience

What's In It for You?

As part of a cohort team, you'll build relationships, receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring, and get the ministry-specific training you'll need to effectively and competently lead in your area of ministry.

What Ministries Offer Residencies?

 We currently offer residencies for the 2018/19 ministry year in the following areas:


The application form typically takes 20-30 minutes to complete. You’ll need to have the following information handy: employment history, references and letters of recommendation.



A limited number of short-term internships are available through our ministries. Please visit the ministry pages and contact the staff listed, or contact Sylvia at  for more information.


"Through the Residency Program, I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge of ministry through church communications. My work is fun and interesting, but the best part about it is going to work in a place where I am encouraged in my faith and have the chance to do the same for others on a daily basis. I wake up every morning and go to a job I love, serving a God I adore. When I'm not working, I have the chance to learn about Jesus as the ultimate leadership role model and how to interpret and apply the Bible to my life. The teaching is unlike anywhere else, and the staff is so happy to have residents work alongside them."

Sarah Girard
Communications Resident

"My residency at Elmbrook has been a tremendous blessing in so many ways! First of all, our team has a blast together! We have become good friends and really enjoy working together. Beyond the camaraderie, we have learned a ton about leadership and ministry. We have been given the opportunity to talk with some tremendous ministry leaders at Elmbrook who have taught us so much. One of the best and more unexpected things that has come from this program has been how much I have learned about myself in the process. I feel honored to be invested in by so many amazing church leaders!"

Jason Barwick
Student Ministries Resident

"I knew I wanted to get into ministry for a while, but did not know how or even where to start. When I found out about the residency program, it was just the perfect start into ministry. They have really a created a culture where you can learn and grow."

Christian Chapa
Life Groups Resident

"I have never felt so sure about God’s plan for my life as I did when I was accepted into the residency program in worship ministry. It has been a continued season of learning and leading. I want to use this year as a resident to allow God to shape me and use me as He pleases. There are opportunities to share God’s love anywhere I go. I want to be better equipped and trained, armed with more knowledge and grounded in a fiercer sense of Christ’s love so that I can go out more confidently in the places that God has called me to. I've seen the massive changes and transformation that God has done in my life, and I want others to experience His love, too, and accept Him into their lives as their Lord and Savior."

Elisabeth Grisa
Worship Arts Resident

Residency Program FAQs

Who can apply?

Those who are intentional about pursuing a life in ministry as a vocation. The residency program is the first step towards that goal. Each resident must have an undergrad degree or equivalent level of education.

Will I be paid?

All residencies are part-time (28 hours a week), paid positions that are supported through fundraising. A fundraising workshop and coaching is offered to assist in the fundraising process and is part of the program requirements. Elmbrook Church covers the costs of books, residents' retreat, Global Leadership Summit admission, and other coursework costs.  

Can I work during the residency program?

While we realize that as a resident you may desire/need to pursue part-time employment to cover your living expenses, part of your growth as a leader involves the ability to prioritize and organize your time effectively. As a resident and staff member, we expect employment with Elmbrook Church to be of primary importance. Additional part-time employment will require a flexible schedule. Please note that some ministries may require weekend hours.

Is housing available?

We don't want housing to keep you from becoming a resident. If finding or affording housing is an issue, we can help find a solution. We would love to find you a host home with an Elmbrook family.

When will the residency take place?

The position spans the ministry year, September 2018 through May 2019, plus an August conference and retreat, and a fundraising workshop in June.

Where will my church ministry hours take place?

The ministry hours of the residency program may be based at one of the Elmbrook Church campuses or James Place sites. Residency placement is at the discretion of the Residency staff and selection committee, and is based on the best interest of the resident and their placement location.

What can I expect from this program?

Experience: Your hands-on experience at a well-respected, influential megachurch looks great on a resume! 

College-Level Coursework: This program includes teaching from world-class theologians, leadership professionals and practitioners.

Recommendation: Upon your one-year completion, you will receive a letter of recommendation from Elmbrook's Executive Pastor, as well as the pastor with whom you served.

What is the process for application?

All Elmbrook Residency Program applicants must complete our online application. Please be sure to select the ministry you are interested in. Once you have completed the application, your information will be reviewed and you may be asked to participate in both a phone and an in-person interview with a member of the Elmbrook staff. All applications and interviews must be completed by May to be considered for a fall residency placement.

Who can I contact if I have any further questions related to the Elmbrook Residency Program?

Contact Sylvia Jeronimo, Director of the Elmbrook Leadership Training Center, at  .