Senior Adults

senior-ministryWhether you are looking for a place to ask your spiritual questions, renew your childhood faith, or simply enjoy senior adult fellowship, we invite you to explore our ministries and find community.

Brookfield Campus Highlights

Fellowship for Seniors

In this weekly spiritual growth group gathering especially designed for senior adults, you’ll join friends to hear excellent guest speakers and engage in meaningful conversations. Mornings begin with worship and prayer. No homework—simply show up, praise God, take in His Word, and enjoy lively conversation with new and old friends.

When and Where: Fridays, 10-noon, Elmbrook Church Chapel and Fellowship Hall. Join us anytime!


Thursday Prayer Group

Led by seniors; all ages welcome. In this weekly prayer group, we learn to pray by praying with each other. There is informal teaching, fellowship, communion and prayer on rotating weeks, followed by small group fellowship. You are welcome!

Great for seniors and others who desire fellowship and a closer relationship with Jesus.

When and Where: Thursdays, 12-1:30 pm, Room B231-232. There is no registration or fee. Join us anytime. For more information, Tom at .