There's no better place to do life than with a group of other women you can trust.

Together we dive into God's Word, create an environment of encouragement and support, and challenge one another to become a little more like Jesus every day.

Learning Opportunities 

Below are options for learning during this “virtual season”:

Identity Matters

Let’s gather together at a distance to talk about real life through this 8 week virtual conversation about living in a society that measures success by performance and people pleasing. Experience the unshakeable certainty of your inheritance in Christ and the wonder of being a child of God as you navigate life in a culture of people practicing self-promotion and achievement, unaware that they are ultimately building their lives on shifting sand.


Echoes of Exodus

Mondays, Starting June 1, 6:30-8pm | For Everyone
This is a 5 week course will trace the theme of redemption from the beginning to the end of the scriptures. The Exodus is central to the scripture’s storyline-a piece of it is in every book of the Bible. It is foundational to our understanding of the Gospel and how to live the Christian life. What is the nature of true freedom? How am I delivered from idolatry? In what way can we make sense of all the various atonement imagery and theories? The Exodus is our Family Story.


One to One Mentoring

A mentor will come alongside you in your faith journey as you navigate life. We all need someone to walk with us from time to time through seasons of growth and difficulty. Whatever season you find yourself in, we want to walk with you.


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