High School

Pursuing Jesus together

The high school years can be some of the most challenging. Our students face some mind-boggling realities that previous generations did not. These years can also be crucial in a student's faith walk, as they prepare to leave home for college, work or whatever's next.

We've intentionally created places where teens can explore their faith with caring adult leaders and build lasting friendships. All are welcome!


The Elm

What if God is calling us to be warriors and take our place in His Kingdom and allow Him to shine through us? What if there is more to life that just surviving all that is being a teenager today? At the Elm, we are exploring what it looks like to be a community of students who are earnestly pursuing Jesus. We stumble along the way, then we get up and boldly keep walking – aware that it’s not by our strength that we can get to where we need to go. Whether you know Jesus intimately or don’t know Him at all, we invite you to go on this journey with us.

If you have questions we are so thrilled about connecting with you!

Brookfield Campus

Wednesday Nights | 7-9pm | Chapel
If you have attended the Elm (or SundayAM) during the 2017-18 school year, join us any week. Registration is not required. If you are new, we are excited to meet you. Register here to save some time but stop by our Welcome table the first time you attend so we can help you get connected.

Questions about the Elm? Contact Jacquelyn at

Lake Country Campus

Wednesday Nights | 7-9pm | Gym
Save time... register now! All students need to register, even if they were part of Elmbrook's high school ministry last year. Of course, visitors and guests are ALWAYS welcome. And parents, be sure you're on our monthly high school ministry email list so you don't miss a thing.

Questions about the Elm? Contact Andrew at