High School

Experiencing faith in community

The high school years can be some of the most challenging. Our students face some mind-boggling realities that previous generations did not. These years can also be crucial in a student's faith walk, as they prepare to leave home for college, work or whatever's next.

We've intentionally created places where teens can explore their faith with caring adult leaders and build lasting friendships. All are welcome!


The Elm

The Elm is the best part of the school week, at least that’s what many of our students are saying! Students can expect great teaching, high energy worship, dynamic life groups, and open gym! Student have the chance to meet new people and experience community in life groups. Each life group has at least one adult leader who invest in the students, prays for them, talks to them, listens to them and invests in their spiritual growth!

Join us at our Brookfield campus each Wednesday from 7-9pm in the chapel, or at our Lake Country campus each Sunday from 7-9 in the gym. Check calendars at right for special programming.

BROOKFIELD CAMPUS: Wednesday nights | 7-9pm | Chapel

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LAKE COUNTRY CAMPUS: Wednesday nights | 7-9pm | Gym

Questions about the Elm? Contact Jacquelyn at (Brookfield) or Jason at (Lake Country).