Jan 19, 2020 | Lee Heyward

Get Prepared!

Discussion Questions | Acts 1:12-26


When it is time to decide between two good things, how do you decide?

HEAD: What is the passage saying?

1. From verses 12-14, why was it essential for the apostles to return to Jerusalem? What were they doing while they were waiting for the Holy Spirit?

2. From verses 15-26, what do we learn about what happened to Judas? What were the qualifications and the process of selecting another Apostle?

3. From other places in the book of Acts (6:3-6, 14:23, and 15:22), a different selection process is used after the coming of the Holy Spirit. Since then, we also have the benefit of the whole of God's written Word. How should we think about making important decisions?

HANDS: How do I practically live this out?

1. Verse 14 tells us, "they all joined together constantly in prayer." Consider this example and invite a few people to join you in both praying together, as well as praying shared requests throughout the week.

2. In this study, how do you hear God calling you to follow Him?

HEART: How does this influence my inner being?

1. Verses 15-19 describe the tragic results of Judas' pursuit of riches. We betray Jesus when we make a created thing (whether it is riches or something else) a higher priority than the Creator. What tends to take precedence over Jesus in your life?

2. Why is having Jesus better than any created thing?

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