The Intentional Marriage Experience

No one goes into their wedding day assuming the marriage won’t last, yet many people travel along their marriage journey just letting it happen with no plan or intentionality. The Intentional Marriage Experience will help you focus on your marriage and develop some new habits as well as helping you build in intentionality in your relationship.

The Intentional Marriage Experience, offered exclusively through Elmbrook Church, is a free, nine-week, online coaching experience that offers you and your spouse a new, dynamic approach to take ownership of and invest in your marriage. Start it anytime... just click on the links below for each week, as you finish the assignments from the week before.

Each week you will be provided with videos, brief articles, audio bytes, date ideas and so much more that you as a couple can use to enrich relationship now as you invest in the future of your marriage. The relatively small investment of time it takes (typically 1-2 hours a week) has potential to yield great rewards.

For additional resources, or to be connected with a Marriage Mentor, contact Lori at  or 262.796.5763.


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