Bringing your Faith to Work must move beyond the pragmatic. It must rise above the situation and circumstances that are common to the workplace. While facing the challenges that culture and relationships bring into the workplace, our faith has greater scope and depth and therefore greater responsibility and possibility. The gospel carried forth by the incarnation of a single believer can transform colleagues, departments, companies, sectors and structures. As Christian professionals, we need to lay a foundation for work-faith integration that will sustain our gospel witness long term; that will focus our efforts for impact and open up opportunities for biblical leadership and service.

Are you seeking a solid faith-work foundation?
Are you yearning to impact your workplace and community?
Do you want to see your faith come alive?

Join us in closing the gap between Sunday worship and Monday work by registering for the Unleashed program.

The Unleashed program seeks to help believers bridge the gap between Sunday worship and Monday work. Your work matters. Make a long-term investment in your faith. Make a deep commitment to your work. Watch the transformation that follows.

Unleashed is offered Tuesday evenings at our Brookfield or Lake Country campuses, starting Sept. 19.


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