Pentecost and Power Has Come!

Pentecost and Power Has Come!

Series: Thrive

Discussion Questions | Acts 2:1-13


Share with the group a time in your life where you were eagerly awaiting something, either as a child or adult. How did you feel in that time of waiting? Were expectations exceeded or were you disappointed when it finally arrived?

HEAD: What is the passage saying?

1. The first four verses describe details of people (it could have been 120 people in one place - see 115) waiting for the Holy Spirit Why was it essential that they were all in one place? What descriptions are used for the Spirit's arrival?

2. In verse 3 we see that the Spirit "rested on each one of them". Why is it significant that each disciple had individual attention from the Spirit?

3. Verses 4-11 describe the first sign of the Spirit is revealed through these disciples What do the crowds hear? What where the disciples saying (vs 17)? Why is this miracle significant?

4. Consider the multi-national makeup of the crowd of witnesses. Was this miracle of the Spirit contained to Jerusalem?How did these witnesses advance God's Kingdom?

HANDS: How do I practically live this out?

1. Verses 9-11 include a list of languages that were spoken from many regions of the known ancient world. Looking back at Jesus' commission in Acts 18, how is the Spirit already accomplishing this task? Pray for people groups in our world today who need to hear the voice of God in their own "tongue"

2. From verses 11 through 13, what different ways did people respond to what they had just seen and heard? How does the presence of the Holy Spirit guide you in facing adversity about faith in Jesus?

HEART: How does this influence my inner being?

1. Is your walk with God experiencing this same fullness of the Spirit? In what ways would you like it to change?

2. How can your small group help you experience the fullness of the Spirit? Share your desires for growth and pray for each other in this area.

Speaker: Lee Heyward

January 26, 2020

Acts 2:1-13

Lee Heyward
Lead Pastor

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