What Did You Expect?

What Did You Expect?

Series: Thrive

Discussion Questions | Acts 1:1-11

This week is the start of the Thrive series through the book of Acts. Share one or two things that you hope to gain from going through this series.

Head: What is the passage saying?

1. Based on verses 1 through 11, what is the sequence of events in the life of Jesus? How do these events provide a foundation for the rest of the book of Acts?
2. The first 11 verses include references to the Trinity: Father, Son (Jesus), and Holy Spirit. How is each person of the Trinity at work in these introduction verses?
3 What were Jesus' instructions to his apostles (see verses 4, 5,& 8)?
4. In verse 8, Jesus said, "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you..." Based on verse 8, what are the pieces of evidence of the Holy Spirit's power?

Hands: How do I practically live this out?

1. In verse 8, Jesus said, "you will be my witnesses." Do you think of yourself as a witness? Share a time you have experienced being a witness to others about what Jesus has done.
2. What intentional action can you do this week to live out being "a witness"?
3. Share one specific person can you pray for this week who does not know Jesus. Invite the group to pray for this person too!

Heart: How does this influence my identity in Jesus?

1. In verse 8, Jesus promises that they will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on them. What difference does it make if we have received power from the Holy Spirit?
2. Are there patterns in your life that reveal the Holy Spirit's power?

Based on this study, what is one personal action point you would like to share with the group?

Speaker: Lee Heyward

January 12, 2020

Acts 1:6-8

Lee Heyward
Lead Pastor

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