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When it comes to our lives, so often we settle for less than what we were created to be and do. We settle for “ok”. Yet God’s call on our lives goes far beyond “ok”. It is a call to greatness.

How do we become men and women who are great people of God doing great things for God? Join us the next few months as we study the life of Moses and discover how he was able to unlock the greatness God had for him. In the process, watch God unlock the greatness He has waiting for you!

Speaking Schedule

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Feb. 14/15* ACM: 3 Big Questions Jason Webb

No Study Guide 

Feb. 21/22 The Call to Greatness Jason Webb and Brodie Swanson Exodus 1-2

Study Guide

Feb. 28/Mar. 1 The Attitude of Greatness Jason Webb Exodus 2:11-25

Study Guide

Mar. 7/8 The Barriers to Greatness Jason Webb Exodus 3:1-4:20

Study Guide

Mar. 14/15 The Source of Greatness Jason Webb Exodus 5-10


Mar. 21/22* Freed for Greatness Jason Webb Exodus 11-13:16


Mar. 28/29 The Risk of Greatness Brodie Swanson Exodus 13:17-15:21


Apr. 4/5


The Choice of Greatness Jason Webb Deuteronomy 30:11-20


Apr. 11/12 Waiting for Greatness Albo Exodus 15:22-17:7


Apr. 17/18 The Prayer for Greatness Jason Webb Exodus 17:8-16


Apr. 24/25 The Burden of Greatness Jason Webb Exodus 32


May 2/3 The Request of Greatness Brodie Swanson Exodus 33:12-34:35


*Communion is scheduled this weekend.
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