40 Days of Prayer

What role do you play in the calling of the new leader of Elmbrook Church?

We are called to depend upon God to lead us in the search for our next leader. To receive what God has to offer this church in the next season, we must come to Him in prayer. Let's set aside time to listen to God - what He wants us to do, how He wants us to respond, and how He desires to bless us.

The staff and elders have put together 40 days of prayer for us to participate in as a church. Here’s how you can participate: Download the Elmbrook app and turn on your notifications. Each morning starting on Oct. 25, you will receive a push notification with a prayer prompt. 

Come pray with us!

Meet on Thursday nights, Oct. 28-Dec. 2 at 5-5:45pm for a prayer gathering. We’ll pray together in large and small groups throughout the building that God will be done in and through Elmbrook.
Brookfield Campus
Meet in the Chapel!
Lake Country Campus
Meet in the Commons!

Looking for all of the prayer prompts?

Download the full list of prompts by clicking below! Hang them on your mirror or fridge for an additional reminder to pray.

Download the prompts!

On Thursdays, you're invited to fast if you feel led. This may be a meal, this may be not eating the entire day, or it may be simply fasting from something like social media. On the last week of the 40 days (Nov. 18- Dec. 3), you're invited to fast throughout the final week as the Lord leads. It may be a meal a day, or something significant to you, as we culminate in a prolonged time of fasting. Read more about fasting here