Adult Learning

One of the ways to continue to grow in your faith at Elmbrook is through an Adult Learning community. Adult Learning offers classes that allow you to connect with others while growing spiritually. When you participate in a learning opportunity, you are entering into a deeper level of understanding and community.
Sylvia Jeronimo

Pastor of Adult Learning
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TEDS Classes

Located at Eastbrook Church


CH 5060 American Church History
Instructor: Peter Borg, PhD
Credits: 3-credit hours
When: Begins Wednesday, Sept. 1 | 6:30-9:15pm
Category: MA/TS Historical & Global Studies

This course examines the story of the church in the United States from its colonial beginnings until the present day, with particular emphasis on the major movements, influential individuals, theological trends, and religious developments within conservative Protestantism. This focus stems from the historic predominance of that branch of Christianity in the country. Questions? Contact Terri at .


CO 6000 Pastoral Counseling: Guilt & Shame
Instructor: Daniel Green, PhD
Credits: 3-credit hours
When: Begins Tuesday, Aug. 31 | 6:30-9:15pm
Category: MA/TS Elective / MDiv Elective

Guilt and shame are universal human issues, always impacting our lives and experiences. Since the fall in the garden, humanity has been wrestling with the moral problem of guilt and the personal experience of shame. It has been observed that in these issues religions and psychology meet. This course will present a review of the roles guilt and shame play in our lives, the psychology and theology of these phenomena, and a unique Christian model that offers both understanding and specific resolution strategies. Questions? Contact Terri at .