Marriage Care

What if you devoted as much time and love to your marriage as you did your wedding? A strong, Christ-centered marriage requires that ongoing investment, at every stage.

Elmbrook's Marriage Care ministry provides the resources you need to build on a solid foundation and plan for the best possible future together.

Marriage Mentoring


Marriage mentors are available for both pre-married couples, as well as married couples. They'll walk with you through a guided assessment that will help you learn relationship skills to strengthen your marriage and tools for navigating the inevitable sticky spots that will arise. 

If you are navigating some tough marriage circumstances, we can also refer you to a licensed marriage counselor. Contact Kelly at  for recommendations. 

Marriage Classes


Journey of Marriage

Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021 | 9am-4pm
This event is an interactive workshop for married couples to strengthen the commitment and love with local marriage Psychologist Lee Hildebrand and his wife, Kirsten. Couples will receive a biblical perspective, various marriage strategies, and guidance from the expert facilitators during interactions with their spouse and others to apply the lessons to their unique relationship. Whether you need a tune-up or are struggling, we hope you'll attend.


Pre-Marriage Class

Our 9-week Pre-Marriage Class is intended for those planning to be married or exploring the idea of Christian marriage. It is required for those intending to get married at Elmbrook or by an Elmbrook pastor. Couples do not have to be engaged or be regular Elmbrook attenders to participate in the class. This class is offered twice a year beginning in September and January. Questions? Contact Kelly at .


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Meet Our Staff


Kelly Andaloro
Pastor of Care Ministry

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