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Every fall and spring we offer many Life Groups and short-term classes, meeting on the Elmbrook campuses.

In addition, Life Groups meet in homes around the Milwaukee area throughout the year. Learn more about Community Life Groups here.

When God gave the World the Silent Treatment Class

Time | Every Tuesday, from 07/06/2021 to 07/27/2021, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Leader |

This is a four week class taught by Sue Baley, Elmbrook Chaplain. As students of the Bible, most of us have heard of the 400 Years of Silence, between the Old and New Testaments, but what do we know about them, and why should we care? While God did not speak through prophets, He wasn't completely silent! A lot happened during this period that shaped the political, religious, and cultural landscape of the Greco-Roman world into which Jesus entered. The Silent Years provides the context of the New Testament and helps us gain greater understanding of Jesus and his followers.


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