Senior Pastor Search

The Search Process

We’re prayerfully entering the process of searching for a new Senior Pastor, and our Search Team is an integral part of this process. The team is composed of a diverse group of volunteer leaders and elders who are deeply committed to our church family.

Search Process Steps
  1. Elmbrook reaches out through personal networks for potential candidates.
  2. Vanderbloemen (VB) announces the open position, leverages their network, and contacts potential candidates to apply.
  3. All candidates apply for the role through VB.
  4. VB interviews applicants and approves viable candidates for Elmbrook’s search team to review.
  5. Elmbrook search team reviews candidates and conducts thorough interviews to narrow their selection to 2-3 candidates.
  6. These candidates are presented to the Council of Elders for approval.
  7. The Senior Pastor will be called by the Council of Elders after the Council has ascertained the support of the membership of the church.
  8. If the Council of Elders does not call the Senior Pastor candidate, the process will start over with new candidates from VB.
Elder Updates

Elmbrook Church's Pastor Search

Vanderbloemen Search Group is an executive search firm that helps faith-based organizations build great teams through staffing and consulting. Elmbrook is pleased to work alongside one of the nation’s largest search firms, and Vanderbloemen Search Group is committed to helping find the next Lead Pastor. You can learn more about the job posting by clicking the button below:

Job Listing

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