Marriage Encounter: The Journey of Marriage

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Cost: $95 per couple (includes lunch)
Taught by Dr. Lee & Kirsten Hildebrand

"We offer couples Biblical truth, well-established tools, and professional expertise to strengthen their marriage commitments and intimacy for the purpose of shared ministry in Christ."
–Dr. Lee & Kirsten Hildebrand

What Makes This a Unique Marriage Seminar: Three Tiers of Learning
The Journey of Marriage is a specifically tailored marriage encounter focused on combining a foundational biblical perspective, state-of-the-art communication techniques, and relevant psychological principles to equip couples to have a dynamic and thriving marriage relationship. What differentiates it from many marriage seminars is the three-tier learning approach. It goes well beyond the teaching of principles in most seminars with no face to face professional guidance, no opportunities for practiced learning, and no interaction with other couples. The three strategic tiers of learning used in The Journey of Marriage seminar offer a confidential and supportive environment to achieve optimal learning and practice. First, there is a teaching component to introduce and present proven principles and strategies to enhance the marriage. Second, couples are allowed to discuss and practice these principles with guidance by expert facilitators. Lastly, couples get to observe and share their experiences to learn even more about opportunities to grow. For almost two decades, God has used the combination of these learning strategies and the expertise of the facilitators to bring about remarkable and significant changes within hundreds of marriage relationships.

Seminar Topics and Schedule:

Session 1: 9-9:50am
Preparing for the Journey: Orientation and Introductions
Facilitators will introduce the content, format, and goals of the seminar. Each couple will share a brief history of their relationship. Active listening will be taught as an effective marriage communication tool.

Session 2: 10-10:50am
This is a No-Exit Decision: Treating marriage as a lifetime commitment.
Marriage Principle - No-Exit Decision: Each couple will reaffirm that their marriage is a lifetime commitment. The commitment to the marriage covenant is as important as the commitment to the person.

Session 3: 11-11:50am
Setting Your Priorities: If your wife doesn’t win first place, you lose. Respect your husband.
Marriage Principle - Setting Your Priorities: Each couple will learn the crucial importance of valuing one another above all others.

LUNCH BREAK 12-12:50pm

Session 4: 1-1:50pm
Managing Childhood Wounds: How they impact the marriage.
Marriage Principle - Managing Childhood Wounds: Each couple will learn to recognize how early trauma and other influences impact their marriages today.

Session 5: 2-2:50pm
Fighting Fair: Resolving conflict in your marriage.
Marriage Principle - "Fighting Fair"/ Conflict Resolution: Each couple will learn how to have disagreements respectfully.

Closing Session 6: 3-3:50pm
"I was wrong": Three crucial words to practice in marriage.
Marriage Principle - "I was wrong..." Each couple will learn the crucial importance of admitting to their spouse when they do something to hurt them.

"We offer couples Biblical truth, well-established tools, and professional expertise to strengthen their marriage commitments and intimacy for the purpose of shared ministry in Christ."
–Dr. Lee & Kirsten Hildebrand


Dr. Lee Hildebrand is a psychologist and Director at Lakeshore Psychology Services in Mequon, WI. He has conducted numerous marriage seminars, communication workshops, educational forums, and keynoted multiple conferences. He has incorporated a biblical perspective on marriage with time-tested relationship principles. He utilizes expertise in group facilitation to assist couples in applying the principles which are taught in an interactive group dynamic. His biblical training includes undergraduate study at Moody Bible Institute and Trinity University in Deerfield, Illinois, as well as the provision of premarital counseling and leading a couples ministry at his home church. Professionally, he has a Ph.D. in psychology from Marquette University. His professional experiences include counseling at Froedert Hospital, The Medical College of Wisconsin; The Veteran Affairs Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI; The Veteran Affairs Medical Center, Battle Creek, MI; Marquette University Counseling Center; The Counseling Center of Milwaukee; and St. Charles Youth and Family Agency. As a psychologist, he works with individuals, couples, and adolescents facing a wide variety of mental health concerns. His leisure includes fitness, backpacking, and family time.

Kirsten Hildebrand, Lee's wife, has co-facilitated seminars with Lee since 2006. She speaks at women's retreats, women's conferences, and is an accomplished Bible teacher who has co-led a couple’s ministry for many years. Her educational background includes a BA in English Communications from Trinity University in Deerfield, Illinois, as well as a law degree from UW-Madison. As a Christian attorney, Kirsten has conducted numerous seminars in the field, oversees her law firm (Hildebrand Law Firm LLC) in Fox Point, WI, and was awarded the Women in Law Award in 2011. For leisure, she enjoys gourmet cooking and spending time with her husband and three children.


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Saturday, May 02, 2020, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


777 S. Barker Road, Brookfield, WI US 53045


Cost: $95.00