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According to a recent survey conducted by the Barna Group 25% of WOMEN view pornography at least monthly. With 18-30 year old women being the fastest growing demographic viewing pornography

The world presents pornography as something harmless, but it can have devastating effects in one’s life. Do you want to learn more about the struggle and the impact it has on the body, the brain and relationships? Even if you are NOT a struggler, come learn more about the epidemic as well as a pathway to freedom. Chances are high you know someone who is and equipping yourself for this battle could help them find the pathway to freedom.

Join with other women to go through the "Conquer" series. This is a cinematic video-based teaching series on sexual purity. It helps get to the root of the sin by offering proven principles and practical tools to walk in freedom from sexual sin.

No matter how big or small you feel your issue is, we want to help you find freedom from it in the safety of a small group. The Conquer series runs for 5 weeks for women.

We prioritize participant confidentiality and desires for anonymity. To RSVP or if you have questions, contact

Women: Kelly or 262.780.1874

If you are the wife of a spouse struggling with pornography or sexual addiction check out our new Betrayal & Beyond group HERE.

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Every Wednesday, from 09/25/2019 to 10/23/2019, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM