Summer Drive-In Thursdays

All Church Event

Kids at Elmbrook

This long season of life may have you feeling disconnected, discouraged, or just want to see people outside of a Zoom call! Join us on Thursdays nights in July in the Elmbrook north parking lot. There will be two adult nights with various elements of teaching, reflection, panel discussion, prayer, and more. And we'll have two family nights with high energy worship, fun family activities, visits from the Camp Vertical puppets, and more!

So how will this work? When you arrive, please use the north entrance off Barker and watch for the Traffic Team to guide you to park in the north lot. We will have an area coned off if you want to come forward to sit socially-distanced. If you'd rather stay in your car or next to your car, you can tune into 90.1FM to hear the audio. Bring your own chairs and enjoy the evening! We ask that you click to RSVP for each evening you plan to attend, so we can plan accordingly.

  • July 9 | Loving those who disagree with you: Relationships used to be much easier, but suddenly you may find yourself disagreeing with your circle of friends, church family, and even acquaintances. Hear how we should navigate conflict in relationships outside of our family and what the biblical response to loving those we disagree with is. RSVP!
  • July 16 | Outdoor Family Night: Join us as we will bring the fun of Kids Ministry and Camp out to the parking lot. We will have a night of high energy worship, fun family activities, visits from the Camp puppets and more!  And, of course, we will end each of these summer evenings with a cold, delicious freeze pop! Kids, grab your parents and join us for an evening of outdoor worship and fun! RSVP!
  • July 23 | Loving those who are different from you: Join the conversation on how to not only navigate racial tensions but to take steps towards our brothers and sisters who are different than us. RSVP!
  • July 30 | Outdoor Family Night: RSVP!



Every Thursday, from 07/09/2020 to 07/30/2020, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM


777 S. Barker Road, Brookfield, WI US 53045