We want Elmbrook to be known as a generous church because we serve a God who has been generous with us.

    We know that we are blessed so we can bless others. Our giving is a reflection of a generous heart full of faith, trust, and gratefulness. We would ask that you prayerfully consider making a recurring gift as a way to partner with us in helping people become rooted in Jesus and released to His mission. If you have not previously given online, watch the video below to see how!

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    Current Giving Numbers


    Home Fund
    YTD Budget: $1,387,893
    YTD Giving: $1,480,158
    YTD TOTAL: $92,265
    Harvest Fund
    YTD Budget: $448,558
    YTD Giving: $472,549
    YTD TOTAL: $23,991

    Through your generous giving, God can work in and through our church to impact His Kingdom. We are a non-profit organization funded through voluntary contributions. Giving to the Home Fund provides the money needed to support ministries, staff, facilities, operations, and ongoing capital needs on all our campuses. Home Fund giving, on average, makes up 3/4 of our total annual budget. The other quarter of our giving goes to our Harvest Fund.

    Throughout its history, Elmbrook has engaged in world mission — both globally and locally — through the Harvest Fund. From southeast Wisconsin to villages and cities around the world, Elmbrook serves as the hands and feet of Jesus among the poor, least-reached, and under-equipped. Through our Harvest Fund, over $2.2 million is invested annually in field worker support as well as in strategic global and local initiatives.


    The giving numbers are updated weekly and reflect the total budgets across all our campuses.

    1st Quarter Financial Update


    The first quarter of our new fiscal year ended at the end of October. Our giving for the first quarter has come in just above our budget plan. Home Fund is at 101.6% and Harvest Fund is at 102.8%. This level of giving is down 19.3% in Home Fund and 6.9% in Harvest Fund from last year giving for the same weeks, we have been down to prior year a similar level in the months of COVID. And have budgeted that reality through March of 2021 and the same level as last year for April through July.

    We are currently underspending to budget in both Home and Harvest fund. We are making sure to manage our spending very careful in this season of uncertainty. Our cash reserves continue to be at our target levels.