Grief Recovery Workshops

This program can help if you have had upsetting or traumatic events, relationship struggles, and things you just "can't put your finger on," which cause you to feel anxious, isolated, angry, discontent, or perhaps unworthy. This workshop focuses on unresolved grief. Grief-inducing experiences include, but are not limited to: death, divorce, relationship struggles or estrangement, empty nest, life/career transitions, loss of safety, trust, family, or faith. In this workshop, you will learn about yourself, your relationships, life experiences, coping strategies, and practical recovery tools for past, current, and future loss-related experiences. Cost is $50.

Brookfield Campus

Mondays, starting Apr. 12 | 6:30-8:30pm


Taught by Jodi Vickary, MAT, CGRS. Questions? Contact Jodi at