Marriage / Couples

Planning for your wedding is time-consuming — with an exciting, memorable day to celebrate when the planning is done.

What if you devoted as much time and love to your marriage as you did your wedding? A strong, Christ-centered marriage requires that ongoing investment, at every stage.

Elmbrook's Marriage Care ministry provides the resources you need to build on a solid foundation and plan for the best possible future together.

Pre-Marriage Class

Our 9-week Pre-Marriage Class is intended for those planning to be married or exploring the idea of Christian marriage. It is required for those intending to get married at Elmbrook or by an Elmbrook pastor. Couples do not have to be engaged to attend, and they do not have to have any affiliation with Elmbrook Church. The next Pre-Marriage class will be offered Sunday mornings, from Jan. 19-Mar. 15, 10:30am-12:15pm. Only one registration per couple is needed for pre-marriage class.



Marriage: Is This as Good as it Gets?

Every Wednesday, starting Jan. 22 | 6:30-8:30pm
If you've asked this question in your marriage and have been married ten years or less, join facilitators Robin and Pam Knoll as they explore the myths of marriage with honesty. They will help you define your love style, understand the gender gap, identify healthy communication techniques, as well as how to respectfully resolve conflict. The goal is to start you on a journey of becoming soul mates. Please note space is limited. Meets every other Wednesday.


Marriage Mentoring

At a place where your relationship is struggling? Our marriage mentors are here to encourage you through the sticky spots and help you both learn relationship skills to strengthen your marriage. 

Mentor Request Form


Elmbrook Church is committed to the preservation of the institution of marriage as a God-ordained covenant emblematic of God’s own covenant love, which he extends to us (see Hosea 2:19-20). We have a solemn responsibility as a church to minister to couples approaching Christian marriage, and, to that end, Elmbrook Church has set requirements for a couple to be married here. Please fill out the wedding application below. Questions? Contact


Wedding Policy - Off Site



statement of faith

A wedding application is required for on-site and off-site weddings.  For on-site weddings, we cannot guarantee your choice of date.  Please specify a second choice. An assigned officiating pastor is available to cover Saturday weddings. A pastor request can be included in the application; however, we cannot guarantee their availability.

Before a couple is married at Elmbrook Church, they are asked to complete the 9-week Premarriage Class, which starts each September and January. See above for more information.