Faith Promise


It’s the way we financially support the global and local mission efforts of Elmbrook Church. The total amount our congregation pledges to give in the annual Faith Promise campaign form the basis of the following year's Harvest Fund budget for global and local missions.

How does FAITH PROMISE work?

Each year at Harvestfest we ask you to make a financial promise TO GOD to support the global and local mission efforts of Elmbrook Church. By FAITH, we trust God to provide the finances for us to give above and beyond our normal giving, and then we PROMISE to give it. In other words, Faith Promise is a promise between you and God.  

How do I make a FAITH PROMISE?

  1. Pray about what you feel led to give in the next calendar year.
  2. Respond to God's prompting. Complete the print form provided during the weeks following Harvestfest each year, then put in the offering plate during a weekend service or bring to an Information Center. You can also make your Faith Promise ONLINE.

What happens to my Faith Promise commitment? 

The total of all Faith Promise commitments informs our Mission (known as Harvest) budget. This budget is used to support our global and local field workers, James Place locations, Elmbrook’s city-wide partnerships, and to provide resources to plant new congregations worldwide.

Then what?

During the course of this coming year, follow through on your promise to God by giving the amount you put on your Faith Promise card to the Elmbrook Church Harvest budget. You can indicate the amount of Harvest giving on your contribution envelope, or when you give online at