What can I do to impact this crazy, messed-up world?

    Hear about God's global impact and how you, too, can impact the world.


    Even during a pandemic, God is on mission. But will we be a part of the action? Are we willing to be His witnesses? Our prayer is that God would give us the wisdom and courage to take action and see people, both locally and globally, become followers of Jesus.

    During Harvestfest, our field workers and partners will share how we can continue to be a part of bringing the gospel to all people. Check out the schedule below for more information!

    *Planning to tune into Harvestfest virtually? Scroll to the bottom of the Harvestfest page to watch all the events live!

    Register to attend any Harvestfest event - from evening sessions to Global Field Trips - via the link below! 




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    Take a Field Worker to Lunch!

    Provide hospitality and get to know a field worker or field worker couple personally when you treat them to lunch at your favorite local restaurant, in your home or virtually through Zoom. Sign up soon as these opportunities fill up quickly! Field workers are available for lunch on Friday, Oct. 30. Use the easy sign-up system below to choose a field worker. Some field workers may require transportation.


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