Worship Auditions

worship auditions

How to Audition for Elmbrook Worship

For vocalists, the first phase of auditions is to submit a video recording of yourself singing the two songs below. Your videos should be uploaded to Vimeo and a link sent to  . If you prefer to send your videos directly to us, please use wetransfer.com. It’s quick and free.

For instrumentalists, please learn both songs provided for your specific instrument. You will NOT have to send in an video. We will schedule a time for you to come in for a live audition.

Female Vocals

"Thank You Jesus" (sing melody in the Key of A)   [PDF]
"The Same Power" (sing the alto or soprano harmony that fits your range in the Key of D)   [PDF]

Male Vocals

"Calvary" (sing melody in the Key of A)  [PDF]
"Place of Freedom" (sing harmony in the Key of D)  [PDF]

Acoustic Guitar

"Closer"  (Key of C)  [PDF]  |  Calvary  (Key of A)  [PDF]


"1000 Tongues"  | "The Lord Our God" 

Bass Guitar

"Anchor" (Key of E)  [PDF]  |  "The Way" (Key of B)  [PDF]

Electric Guitar

"Anchor" (Key of E - E1)  |  "Anchor" (Key of E - E2)  [PDF] 
"Found in You" (Key of C - E1)  |  "Found in You" (Key of C - E2)  [PDF]


"Place of Freedom" (Key of D)  [PDF] | "This I Believe" (Key of C)  [PDF]

 Vocalists, don't forget to provide the link to your video audition in the space provided at the bottom of the form! If you have any questions prior to submitting your audition, please email .

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