At Elmbrook we practice believers' baptism by immersion. That simply means that we immerse Christians in water. Why do we do that, you may ask? Because baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision to follow Christ, and a powerful act of obedience. It's your chance to get up in front of family, friends and the local church to say "Yes! I have decided! I will follow Christ!"

If you are not sure whether you have crossed the line of faith, or whether you are ready to proclaim that belief through baptism, we encourage you to talk with one of our pastors or prayer leaders. Stop at one of our welcome centers after church, or call the Brookfield campus at 262.786.7051. Lake Country campus, call Roberta at 262.796.5734.

Our next baptism dates are TBD. Sign up for our one-time preparation class to learn about baptism and the details of our baptism in the pond celebration. Also as part of the class, leaders will help you write out your faith story.


Parent Child Dedication

Elmbrook Church practices believers' baptism, in which older children, teenagers and adults publicly declare their own personal decision to follow Jesus Christ. Parent Child Dedication is a way for parents of younger children to declare their own commitment to raise their child in a home where God is at the center. For more information, check out our Parent Child Dedication page.