At Elmbrook, we want to celebrate, educate, and motivate people to join God's mission

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Harvestfest Next Steps

After Harvestfest, you might wonder what your next step is? How do I continue to support our fieldworkers or be on mission in my life? There are multiple steps you might take.

  1. Make a monthly Harvest committment.
  2. Attend one of our mission-oriented events & classes, like our monthly prayer time for field workers and God's Kingdom around the globe.
  3. Sign up to receive our Mission emails.
  4. Sign up for the Disaster Response email list to get info about upcoming relief trips.
  5. Attend Urbana 2022, a 4-day conference focused on how we can give our lives to God's global mission. 

Whichever next step or next steps are right for you, I encourage you to stay informed, excited, and in prayer for our global ministries!

What in the World? | Elmbrook Mission Podcast

This podcast will transport listeners all around the world, hearing inspiring stories of the Church in action. During each episode, I will host a guest who has significantly contributed to the legacy of Mission at Elmbrook Church. Their stories will immerse listeners in diverse locations: from hospitals in India, to refugee camps in Bangladesh; from the Amazon rainforest, to your very own hometown. Rest assured, "What in the World?" listeners will not just be bystanders to God's work. Each episode will equip and encourage the audience to contribute to the legacy of faith.

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October 14-23, 2022

Harvestfest is the "must-attend" mission event of our church each year. Elmbrook missionaries, global and local partner organizations share their stories and invite us to join with them through involvement, prayers, and Harvest Commitment – our financial commitment towards the work of local and global mission.

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