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Why Local Mission?

Practical and tangible actions taken to bless those in need are a byproduct of a living faith in Christ. One way Elmbrook puts “feet to our faith” (James 2:26) is by partnering with a select few faith-based organizations that are bringing the light of Christ to our local communities. Elmbrook provides financial support and volunteer capacity for each organization. We encourage you to learn more about our local partners below and to prayerfully consider serving!


Community Warehouse/Partners In Hope


Community Warehouse exists to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by serving the people of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are a faith-based organization that provides Milwaukee's most challenged neighborhoods with home improvement materials. We partner with foundations, individuals, builders, and manufacturers to provide the resources that are needed for rebuilding Milwaukee's under-resourced communities. As a result, the quality of life in our neighborhoods is significantly improved. We also operate a prisoner reentry program, Partners In Hope.

Community Warehouse Website

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Milwaukee


Care Net exists to uphold the sanctity of human life and to share the love of Christ and the hope of the Gospel with women and their families facing an unplanned pregnancy. Care Net’s mission is to encourage women to choose life by offering spiritual and practical care during and after pregnancy. We offer free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, life-affirming options counseling, material support for mom and baby, classes, post-abortion counseling, Bible studies and prayer. We serve our clients with mercy, grace and a non-judgmental spirit.

Visit Care Net website

Hope Street Ministry, Inc


Hope Street is the Greenhouse for People on 26th and Capitol. We give broken men, women, and children a safe place to grow. We cultivate hope and build community as we live out the ministry of Jesus on the north side of Milwaukee. Hope Street provides housing and healing to about 50 men, women, and children whose lives have been profoundly affected by the toxic environment they grew up in, their own choices, or drug and alcohol abuse. Empowered by the active Grace of Christ, the staff, volunteers, and members cultivate a nurturing community in which we can live, learn and develop new habits that help people flourish.

Visit Hope Street Ministry Website

International Community Center


A new wave of immigrants is settling here in Milwaukee! Many arrive as refugees and yearn to have American friends, even though language and customs may be a barrier. The International Community Center is located near the airport, close to the homes and shops of many immigrants. ICC is a place where volunteers help immigrants learn English, tutor children with school work, and form lasting cross-cultural relationships. Volunteers are warmly welcomed into the lives of new friends who have interesting life experiences--and prepare fabulous food! We aim to celebrate immigrant cultures as we welcome them to life in US culture, and to introduce scripture to those who are interested.

Visit ICC website

Safe Families for Children Greater Milwaukee Area


Safe Families for Children is a movement fueled by compassion and faith to keep children safe and families intact. Through Host Families, Family Friends, and Family Coaches, Safe Families temporarily host children and provide a network of support while parents get back on their feet. It is an honor to surround Moms and Dads with a community of families who believe in them, especially when they need it most. Safe Families for Children Greater Milwaukee Area serves Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Waukesha, & Washington counties. The work is done through volunteers from 16+ different Partner Churches.

Visit Safe Families Website

Wisconsin Inmate Education Association


In impoverished communities, some of the most influential gatekeepers are the individuals or groups who organize and perpetuate crime. If you want to dramatically change struggling communities, you start with those gatekeepers. WIEA’s initiative is built on a proven system to transform gatekeepers whose influence is rooted in criminal activity. Change starts in prisons with inmates and spreads to families and communities around the state. WIEA gives inmates the opportunity to receive theological training while incarcerated through a partnership with Trinity International University.

Visit Wisconsin Inmate Website


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