Waukesha Summer Prayer Walks

Friday at 5:30pm - 8:30pm

About the Event


Prayer is an essential part of seeing the good news of Jesus spread near and far, and prayer walking is simply walking slowly and talking with God - alone or with others - as you walk. This summer, join Elmbrook mission leaders and those who would like to see our community grow in their walk with God by participating in prayer walks in downtown Waukesha. Each Friday from June 14 to August 23, begin at James Place Waukesha (129 W Broadway) to receive training and safety/logistics guidance, then be sent in pairs or groups on a prayer walk throughout the downtown area before returning to debrief at James Place Waukesha. These prayer walks will coincide with Waukesha's Friday Night Live events, so there will be opportunities for interaction as well as praying only within your group.

The first night of prayer walking will be on Friday, June 14, and will begin at 5:30pm with a light dinner provided. Training from field worker Christina Winrich will be from 6:15-7pm, the prayer walk will be from 7-8pm, and the night's debrief at James Place Waukesha will begin at 8pm. All other Friday prayer walking gatherings will not offer a meal but will begin with training at 6:30pm with the prayer walk from 7-8pm and a debrief at 8pm.

There will not be a prayer walking event on Friday, July 5. In case of inclement weather, prayer walking will be cancelled (if Friday Night Live is cancelled, prayer walking will be cancelled).