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Military Ministry

The Military Ministry is a community of current & former military personnel and their families.

This ministry provides a space for prayer, fellowship, discipleship, and encouragement to those associated with the United States Armed Forces and their families as they seek to love and serve the Lord. We offer encouragement through support groups or one-on-one sessions with our ministry leaders.

If you would like support or have a prayer request for yourself or a family member in the military, please contact Dennis at or 262.786.7051.


Local Outreach

For more on these community organizations that support the military, check out the links below:

Misfits for Jesus

For more info, visit misfitsforjesus.com.

Dry Hootch

For more info, visit dryhootch.org.

Wisconsin Hero Outdoors

For more info, visit wiherooutdoors.org.

Elmbrook Cares


Other Care options