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One way to continue growing in your faith at Elmbrook is through an Adult Learning community. Adult Learning offers classes that allow you to connect with others while growing spiritually.

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On-Going Soul Care

Spiritual Direction

A spiritual director is a guide who helps you discern the voice and action of God in your life. As a faith companion, they help you nurture a continuing hunger for intimacy with God. Spiritual Directors care deeply for people, their story, and their pursuit of God and Christlikeness. During spiritual direction sessions, you will together seek the Holy Spirit in matters such as:

  • Who am I uniquely in God? What is my calling?
  • Where is God when I am hurting or afraid? What is God doing in my life?
  • What is truly important to me and why?
  • Why do I still struggle with guilt and shame?
  • How can I cultivate a deeper relationship with Jesus and others?

Together we will seek God in your questions and provide tools for discerning and prayer. We would love to help you find a spiritual director from our trusted list of providers.

Interested? Contact for more details.

Fall 2022 TEDS Classes

ST5201 Theology I: The God of the Gospel

Sept. 9 & 10, Oct. 21 & 22, Nov. 11 & 12, Dec. 9 & 10 | Fridays, 6:30-9:15pm; Saturdays, 8:30am-4:30pm
Located at Eastbrook Church in Wauwautosa (Zoom option available)

FREE introductory class for those interested in learning more prior to course registration on Aug. 21 from 9:30-10:30am at Eastbrook Church.

3-credit hours
MA/TS Biblical & Theological Studies
Instructor: Emanuel Naydenov, PhD

Course Description: This course establishes the foundations for systematic theology, reflecting upon the triune God and the God-world relation. It introduces theological methodology and treats the doctrines of general and special revelation, particularly that of Holy Scripture. The course also engages theology proper (the divine perfections and personal attributes of the Holy Trinity) and the works of God in creating and providentially caring for the cosmos, including humans

CH5051 History of Christianity I

Tuesday evenings, Aug. 30-Dec. 6 | 6:30-9:15pm
Located at Elmbrook Church (Zoom option available)

3-credit hours
MA/TS Historical & Global Studies
Instructor: Mel Lawrenz, PhD

Course Description: This course explores the development of Christianity from its inception in the first century to the close of the Reformation era in the sixteenth century. Through a sympathetic engagement with primary and secondary historical sources, students will acquire a general understanding of the patristic period; the ecumenical councils; the emergence of medieval polity, philosophy, and theology; the cultural synthesis of the high middle ages, the Renaissance in Italy and northern Europe; and the Protestant and Catholic Reformations.

For more information on TEDS or to enroll in a class, please contact Terri Carlson, TEDS Milwaukee Extension Site Coordinator.
| 414.228.5220 x267

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